Underground Beer Cooler

Underground Beer Cooler

Eco-friendly underground cooler designed by eCool keeps your drinks cool and does not use any electricity.

Earth cooler holds 24 beer cans. It can be easily installed in any backyard.

Hand crank mechanism transports the cans above / below ground.

eCool Underground Cooler

Beer Cooler

eCool Cooler

Earth Cooled Beer


eCool Beer Cooler

Underground Cooler

eCool Underground Beer Cooler

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  1. Ric

    Cool concept, but I don’t think the beers would get very cold and you’d essentially be drinking a below room temperature beer. Plus the possibility of bug infestation or water intrusion.

  2. Lily

    So how deep of a hole would you have to dig?

  3. Сергей

    Where to buy it?

  4. doge

    you can buy it at the linked site above. it is a danish company(denmark) so the page in in that language(danish) but you just click the link on the top right corner and then check out your shopping cart, the shipping destinations available seemed like a lot but surely not the whole world. US, UK and most of europe seemed covered though…

  5. Ruben Dienzo

    I believe it won’t work in Saudi Arabia during summer.

  6. Gert

    Depending on where you live surface soil is pretty warm and would quickly heat the bears on top.

  7. Ali Mahisefat

    to lily :
    Earth cooler holds 24 beer cans , it means each side has a 12 cans and each can is 8Cm diameter, so 12*8=96 cm ;)

  8. Fajar Satria

    it’s depends on the soil temp. too isn’t it?

  9. Mark

    Ewwww canned beer.

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