Cans Transformed Into Cars

Cans Transformed Into Cars

New Zealand based artist Sandy Sanderson creates miniature cars out of recycled soda and beer cans.

Bottoms of cans are used to make wheels and the graphics are turned into side panels and decorations for the body.

Heineken Car

Coca-Cola Hot Rod

Beer Can Car

Beer Can Jeep

Can Jeep

Soda Can Car

Coca-Cola Car

Coke Car

Recycled Can Car

Guinness Car

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  1. jumanicus

    the guiness ones the best

  2. Nisa Zul

    amazing… :)

  3. Fons


  4. Ebua Libana

    Actually, African boys have been doing this for decades, more than out of necessity that as a hobby.

    I’ve seen African toy cars complete with suspension, locking doors and hatches; and steering wheels.

    Compared to them, Mr. Sandy Sanderson is a rookie and he has the luxury of sourcing all the parts and the tools he needs. These African boys prove much more resourceful and creative.

    Just sayin’…

  5. Mihirr Panchaal

    Hi Ebua,

    Do you have any material on the internet which speaks more about these boys?

  6. woops


    If you’re going to make such a claim, you should post some links/sources that will demonstrate so.

  7. dave

    It’s true what he says about kids making cars. They even sell them on the streets as curios to tourists. Nothing new.

  8. Muddy

    Walk in to any hotel in Australia and you’ll see similar cars and biplanes too usually made by a bored local.
    Nothing new there

  9. hoershey

    @ woops & Ebua Libana:

    Sorry, it’s a german site but you’ll get the point! Here, the creators of the tin cars arent little boys anymore. But I’m quite sure that they have been little boys for some time in the lifes.

  10. vic

    These are all over the Bahamas too, made by locals….very common

  11. Cam

    Wow! A mazing!

    Recycyle. Reduce. Reuse. This is no such thing as trash. Once a product is used a beautiful mind can turn that container into art.

    Great post. Thank you.

  12. Gert

    Nothing new here at all. My uncle had several made by local artisans in upper Michigan. Cute, but not original as many posters have mentioned.

  13. Karin L.


  14. Danyell

    I always enjoy the people who post things like “get a life” or “someone has too much free time”. Clearly these people need to follow their own advice, rather than trolling around web pages looking for ways to tear down other people who are at least CREATING something.

    The end.

  15. simon

    thats awesome and great work can’s into car’s

  16. iceage2k2

    Hey I’m from Africa, Nairobi Kenya to be exact and I made similar car and buses when I was young got cut enough times and a million tetanus shots. though our tires were made of flip flop and didn’t use soda cans but used margarine cooking fat cans. Sadly kids today are all playstation and i pod (i do that too). they hardly go out and get some sun. this guy brings back good memories especially when the Safari Rally would be going on.

  17. atef


  18. Jaspal Singh

    Simply Superb….

  19. ran


  20. Paul

    It’s not just Africa either, I remember trips to Vietnam as a kid and marveling at cars and airplanes made out of cans. The only thing that’s different about this guy is that he isn’t doing it for a living in some third world country. His detailing is impressive, but, considering the circumstances and advantages, that’s about it.

  21. Ian

    The whole idea is fantastic. Even the artist. Awesome smile, creative job. Liked!

  22. bert

    great job

  23. WHMR

    @Ebua Libana

    How exactly are toy cars a “necessity”?

    Anyway, I thought these were sweet.

  24. Hugs

    Let’s just agree that not the artist nor the editors make any claim as to this Art being new or original. It’s simply something exciting to see! People paint in oils all the time, and people carve wood every day but there is something to be appreciated about everyone’s work. I would personally like to own the Guinness one, wether from this guy, an african boy or my local world market.

  25. wtyang24

    thailand has it too

  26. Remy

    Africa, nigeria: now 29 years old, at 5 i made similar stuffs with milk tins. @ 11, i made Caterpillar Digger from Powder Peak Milk tin and power the digger with Syringes connected to each other with IV (intravenous lines).

  27. Rachael

    Ahh, who cares if it’s been done? Everything’s been done. The guy’s cars are really neat and pretty! :)

  28. Ricardo

    Can’t translate by words, A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!

  29. Meghan

    not all of them are made of just out of cans if you look closer.

  30. Leia

    Ebua Libana is right. I’ve seen lots of kids in Thailand maken’ these. Don’t know bout the African tough, but if YOU would do some research, you would find somethin’

  31. Nan


  32. Alex

    Hey, everyone. I think this guy’s work is fabulous. It has been done before, but that doesn’t matter. He’s not claiming it is his own idea. I think everyone should stop being so rude about this guy’s brilliant work. Thanks.

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