Modern Office Floats on Water

Modern Office Floats on Water

H2Office from WaterSpace is a compact floating office designed for use in marinas and inland waterways.

Each office features an external sun deck, a kitchenette, a pull-out bed (for occasional overnight stays) and plenty of storage space.

H2Office from WaterSpace


Office Floats on Water

Modern Office on Water

Office on Water

Office Inside

H2Office Decor

H2Office Floating Office

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  1. Attila

    Looks like a weird boat…

  2. Chedie

    Wow… the outside doesn’t look much but once you get inside, it’s actually comfy and work conducive. :D

    But I would rather have this as an actual boat if possible. Hehe…

  3. :)

    wow, that’s nice!
    good for people working in that area i guess…

  4. Lasha Krikheli

    How do you pay rent for this thing? lol

    If it costs next to nothing, I would invest in doing something like this too. :)

  5. Betty

    I’m sorry, that’s just ugly. What an eye-sore! What a rude thing to park next to what are usually, very attractive–boats.

  6. DaRocketeer

    Cue T-Pain “I’m in an office”

  7. Kumar

    the concept is good … but What will happen on a stormy day..

  8. cindy

    I love it!

  9. Karin L.

    Really Cool!!!

  10. Mikhail

    It looks like a spaceship. I like it.

  11. Rachel

    Actually, I think it looks like a surveillance camera, lol!

  12. Dana

    Hardwood floors and rolling chairs on a boat? You’d spend half the day just trying to stay in one place.

  13. Fresh

    I do like the idea, but I think it could be better executed.

  14. Baran

    where ı lıve you have to pay like 3000 dollars a month for dock rent.

  15. window

    Please tell me you can close blinds on that gigantic bloody window so at night people can’t watch you.

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