17 Gadgets Inspired by LEGO Bricks

17 Gadgets Inspired by LEGO Bricks

Collection of creative gadgets and product designs inspired by LEGO bricks.

LEGO USB Flash Drives

Cool flash drives are 100% compatible with the official LEGO bricks.

LEGO USB Flash Drives

LEGO Utensil Set

This is what happens when function meets childhood playtime nostalgia. Perfect for lunch boxes, picnics, desk drawer or glove compartment.

LEGO Utensil Set

LEGO White Out

LEGO inspired white out tape dispensers from Korea.

LEGO White Out

LEGO Salt and Pepper Shakers

Stackable salt & pepper shakers come in black and white.

LEGO Salt and Pepper Shakers

LEGO iPod Speaker

This LEGO inspired speaker runs off of iPod’s energy, no batteries are required.

LEGO iPod Speaker

LEGO Ice Cube Tray

Serve the coolest drinks around with ice that looks like LEGO bricks.

LEGO Ice Cube Tray

LEGO Digital Camera

Digital Blue’s LEGO Digital Camera mirrors the look of an actual LEGO brick!

LEGO Digital Camera

LEGO Brick Bag

Each LEGO “stud” is a separate zippered compartment.

LEGO Brick Bag


Unique sofa made up of several rubberized foam pieces shaped like LEGO bricks.


LEGO Brick Soap

Each LEGO soap set comes with 8 soap bricks in each bag. Each soap is scented and colored.

LEGO Brick Soap

LEGO Brick Candles

Burn those memories of childhood brightly with these eight-wick soy, non-scented candles.

LEGO Brick Candles

LEGO MP3 Player

Digital Blue’s LEGO MP3 Player is compatible with official LEGO bricks that you can mount on the top/bottom.

LEGO MP3 Player

LEGO Desktop Calendar

This creative desktop calendar consists of three blocks that can be stacked upon one another.

LEGO Desktop Calendar

LEGO Refrigerator Magnets

Unusual refrigerator magnets shaped like LEGO bricks.

LEGO Refrigerator Magnets

LEGO Brick MP3 Players

These LEGO inspired MP3 players cleverly conceal their controls into the raised dots on the surface of each block.

LEGO Brick MP3 Players


Etsy member called 123smile has come out with a Duplo Lego webcam using a 2 x 2 Duplo block. It features a 640×480 pixels resolution at 30 frames per second.


LEGO Brick Keychain

You can use the brick as a keychain or build it into your favorite creation. They fit with official LEGO bricks.

LEGO Brick Keychain

LEGO Keychain

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    LEGO forever!

    Thanks for this great collection!

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    The ice tray is definitely the coolest

  5. loki

    love it!

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    nice desings

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    wow!!! love it. i want it all. :)

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    love the usb sticks! thanks for sharing

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    i <3 Legos

  10. nancy

    I want a Lego desk top calendar to build each day!

  11. TeLeViSiOn SpY

    I want the soap, sofa and ice cube tray.

    The sofa the last because it looks like it would be uncomfortable.

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    I am a Lego.

  13. Preetha

    Amazing stuff…

  14. Zinger

    All that great stuff and you forgot the Honda Element!

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    You forgot the Lacie External HDD. They have lots of cool design stuff, but the stackable lego drives kick

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    These are great and excellent gadget

  17. Verónica

    Colourful flash drive and versatile sofa, great items, I want them :-)

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    Wow, like the key chain where can I get one of those?

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    this is awesome, I think the digital cam is the best

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  21. TuneGadget

    LEGO was my hobbies!

  22. jessica

    I used to have an 11″ lego man that held office supplies, stapler, paper clips, pencil sharpener, etc… anyone know where it came from or where I can find another?

  23. Leeann

    I love all of these. They prove Lego can be virtually applied to anything.

    Lego Jelly Mould? Flower Pot? Mobile Phone? Custom colour, watercolour paint travel set? Japanese-style wooden sandals but made out of Lego? :D

  24. Jannik Nielsen

    The icecube tray is also suitable for warm things, like chocolate.

    Chocolate LEGO bricks was a huge success at the office :-)

    // Jannik
    Ex-LEGO employee

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    Woww I really loved these!!! =D

    I’m a LEGO LOVER hauahuahaua


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    The ice tray is definitely the coolest

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    Everything Got

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