15 Cool Inventions for your Kitchen

15 Cool Inventions for your Kitchen

Creative kitchen tools, gadgets and inventions designed to make our lives easier and more efficient.

Spaghetti Measure

Useful kitchen tool for measuring out pasta for 1 to 4 servings. [buy]

Spaghetti Measure

Can Grip

Reusable plastic handle that snaps onto any standard can. [buy]

Can Grip

Oil Wand

Heat-resistant brush allows you to apply cooking oil with no mess.

Oil Wand

No Mess Bacon Cooker

This compact and enclosed unit collects drippings for easy disposal while minimizing bacon smell inside the microwave and in the kitchen. [buy]

No Mess Bacon Cooker

Crowbar Bottle Opener

Perfect for all your zombie killing and beverage drinking needs.

Crowbar Bottle Opener

Table Setting Placemat

Creative placemat teaches you how to set a table with tableware.

Table Setting Placemat

Can Crushing Frog

Straight from Japan comes a frog that likes to crush cans.

Can Crushing Frog

Hamburger Press

Now you can press out perfect hamburger patties in an instant. [buy]

Hamburger Press

MugStir Spoon

Cool spoon that hangs onto the side of a coffee mug or cup of tea.

MugStir Spoon

Onion Goggles

They protect your sensitive eyes from that burning sensation you get when chopping onions. No more tears!

Onion Goggles

Banana Peeler

Place the peeler over banana and pierce skin with flat prongs.

Banana Peeler

Egg Cracker

This tool allows you to crack open eggs without any mess.

Egg Cracker

Puzzle Cutting Board

Each board can be used as a cutting board or a serving plate.

Puzzle Cutting Board

Teapot For Two

This innovative set includes a double spout teapot, two tea cups with a corresponding pattern, and a single saucer tray for both cups.

Teapot For Two

Corn Grill Basket

Cool grill basket makes it easy to grill four ears of corn at once.

Corn Grill Basket

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  1. Attila

    Puzzle cutting board looks great.

  2. Julie

    Spaghetti measure, oil wand, puzzle cutting board.
    Please :)

  3. Nick

    that egg cracker is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I hate infomercials that make things seem so difficult. I never make a mess when I crack eggs. I mean really, I think even a retard could crack an egg without making a mess all over the kitchen. Thousands of years without a special tool for cracking eggs, humanity seemed to do just fine without it.

  4. Richi

    Egg Cracker and Banana Peeler, really?

    I liked the rest.

  5. joe

    Peel your bananas from the bottom and save whatever they’re charging.
    Bacon cooker seems unique.

  6. tommy

    Great as long as they are dishwasher safe…

  7. adonis muscles

    ez cracker? i think it is not necessary but others are so creative solutions.

  8. Bacon lover

    Reduce the bacon smell in the microwave???


  9. gunneos

    onion goggles? is that something an ordinary goggle can’t do?

  10. Aimee

    I only counted 6 things I would actually want on this list, and the egg cracker was definitely not one!

  11. latincrow

    i’d buy that pasta thingy right now just put it in an infomercial and i’d buy 3

  12. Bacon Lover 2

    I agree with Bacon lover

  13. Mask

    I also agree with Bacon Lover and Bacon Lover 2.

  14. Justin

    So this crowbar thing… Is that only available in the distant future? I see the guy had to take out an alien with it too.

  15. cindy

    I am seeing the rediculous but I am not seeing the sublime. Get real these suck.

  16. Daniel

    Dumb humans!
    “Banana Peeler” is nothing a chimp would use. watch this movie and find out, how easy apes are opening Bananas!!!

  17. Jacqueline

    What impressed me most is the Spaghetti Measure: no more worries to the quantity cooked!

  18. delere

    The can crushing frog looks plastic. If so I don’t see it lasting long but a cute idea although unnecessary.

    Everything up to that point was pretty cool as well as the corn roaster. Hamburger presses have been around for decades. The rest is dorky.

  19. bull

    They are almost all of them useless and unnecessary. Making and consuming product like this is a waste of resources.

  20. Eric Jorgensen

    I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking stuff. 99% of “new” kitchen gadgets are impractical because they don’t improve the situation over what a little practice can get you, and they always require extra overhead of storage and cleaning.

    The only thing here that looks remotely appealing to me is the the placemat, because it is interesting and acts as a natural learning tool. Everything else I would donate to good will, even if I got them as a gift. (Ok, maybe I’d keep the crowbar bottle opener, because it’s funny.)

  21. timmay

    i like pretty much all of them, i agree with delere that the frog looks plastic but it would be better if they made it out of metal. the ez cracker is ridiculous i mean its not that hard to crack an egg. the onion goggles look kool but why not just wear swimming goggles that are only $3

  22. Banana Inc.

    Having trouble peeling bananas? Or just feeling lazy? Look no further, we’ve got the perfect, futuristic, banana peeling device, just for you! :)

  23. Fábio

    Banana peeler is just stupid!

  24. Taz

    My family would love that puzzle cutting board.

  25. Toyama

    There’s only a few things I see to be practical here, all are useful but in terms of kitchen use.. I don’t think anybody that works in a kitchen will use it much or at all.

    I mean, the measure for Spaghetti may seem useful but it does not actually fully measure to a person’s appetite. Some may want more and some may just want a lil less. I know of this cause I have one utensil in the kitchen that serves quite the same purpose, only difference is it comes as a scoop in the same time.
    Closest example I could get :

    The onion goggle is one of those products that makes me go ‘facepalm’ What difference are they to any goggles?!
    As for Banana peeler, can’t you peel the skin of a banana from the bottom? It has been done for many centuries and it’s still not messy?
    EZ Cracker is only good for those oh-so-flashy new hand in cooking.

    Frog could have been steel, plastic don’t last.
    As for everything else, meh~ They’re quite alright

  26. Stig

    Firstly who the hell cooks bacon in a microwave and second who the hell WANTS to minimize the smell of bacon cooking? It’s an AWESOME smell!

  27. Cory

    what would be great is an attachment to go on any can that puts a bottle topper (with cap) on it so you can keep it carbonated.

  28. GhoS

    A couple of interesting things. While the spaghetti gadget is cool, they used to put measuring circles right on the boxes, worked perfectly. I haven’t seen them anymore (at least on store brand).
    Cory the bottle top attachment is real, I’ve seen it. Although from what I read it doesn’t seem to keep it any more carbonated.

  29. handbanana

    haha well put nick. exactly. who really has trouble cracking eggs? i feel like if you fail at that, then you shouldnt be near a stove anyway.

  30. b-train

    I thought the frog was the most ridiculous. A lot of people here are knocking it for being made out of plastic, but hell – even if it were made of stainless steel, it’s still just something in the way between the can and my foot!! And don’t give me any “perfectly crushed cans” nonsense, they’re going into a bag in the crawlspace, not a display.

  31. Andy

    Crowbars save the day. This time you can open a beer while not breaking a step battling headcrabs.

  32. Alysa

    The crowbar is actually a Half Life reference, which is a game. I think it’s supposed to be more funny than practical. That alien looks like the head crabs. Whatever they call them in Half Life

  33. Pearl

    Necessity is the mother of invention!!!

  34. Kolin

    oh my god. who is incapable of peeling a banana? it’s a primate instinct in all of us. The spaghetti / Corn grill are probably the best ideas on this one.

  35. cruit

    …if you’ve got more money than you need gimmicks. Probably not a great time in American history for gadgets.

  36. gretaleigh

    i think it is funny that they use the egg cracker but then hand whisk the meringue…

  37. Allayna

    Why would you want to reduce the smell of bacon in your kitchen? makes no sense!

  38. Bacon Lover 3

    I like bacon

  39. Get crackin'

    I like the egg cracker because I understand where those people are coming from. I crack eggs onto my stove all the time

  40. teafreak

    That tea thing… is only good if you’re always making tea for two… Does it come with a cork if you only want on cup of tea?

  41. BNDQ8

    lol!! some of them are kind of disturbing..

  42. Bacon Lover 4

    I enjoy the smell of bacon.

    Very much.

    I concur with Bacon Lover 1, Bacon Lover 2, Bacon Lover 3 and Mask.

  43. Chris

    Wow, the spaghetti measure? Please.
    1 serving, 2 servings, people have different opinions, fat people eat 3 servings, skinny eat 1, simple as that. Some skinny eat 3.

  44. bloo ha

    i like the bacon lover 1 and 2

  45. jess

    they are all super..i want all of them:)

  46. Bacon Lover 5

    This is getting silly!

  47. Terry Lueders

    I like the comment about not needing an egg cracker because we went thousands of years without one. Let see, how many of inventions have we gone without for thousands of years? The car, TV, and the computer to name a few. Did he stop to think how many people only have one hand. And, how many people will use that invention to crack an even bigger egg. Keep up the inventions! I love them!

  48. sh

    #1, the egg commercial is totally over-exagerated- no normal person cant crack an egg. #2, as cute as all these inventions may be, theyre all unnecessary junk-why buy a banana peeler when youre perfectly capable of peeling them yourself? why buy those ridiculous goggles that are in the same working order as regular ones? why buy a teapot 4 2 when its not so difficult to just pour it 2ce? why buy an ugly frog-shaped, plastic can opener, when decent normal ones already exist? i could go on 4ever, but ill just advise e/o not to waste money on these pointless things.

  49. Allycia

    I like the puzzle cutting board. I love bacon if i cant smell i dont want it ;)

  50. Tagless

    I really loved the can grip,and ez cracker!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The can grip can be really helpful to all those kids out there who love to smash cans for a living,or its their chore..jeje
    Also the EGG CRACKER! oh boy, it was totally ment for me. I have so much trouble cracking eggs its very difficult…But thanks to the Egg cracker my life is about 5x easier, when it comes to cooking eggs..
    All the rest where cool inventions..

  51. mnt.dew lover

    now i could see the can grip catching on some day but the other ones are stupid

  52. Collin

    No Bacon Smell?!? How dare they! That is the best part of cooking it!

  53. Ella

    most of them are totally unecessary and even totally materialistic, that is why so many people is becoming more and more useless and lazy.

  54. Mo

    I think a knife, a spoon, two hands, and a brain can do most of these alone

  55. ET

    Mo, you are right.. I have no doubt there is a huge mess of broken plastic rubbish in the middle of the pacific ocean because people felt then needed more than half of one brain cell to do most of these things.. I have a pasta measurer in my kitchen, but it is a student house so i have no idea where it came from. I play with it whilst microwaving hand-selected bundles of pasta for my dinner..

  56. Gennadi

    Some items are great, some silly. Glasses against onion tears are the silliest… One should know that onion makes us shed tears through affecting nazal cavities, not eyes. Eyes are the result of what is going on in the nose. Tears can be avoided if you plug your nose, not protect eyes…

  57. Enrico Martinez

    Can Crushing Frog is impractical. Just step/jump on the can with your sturdy shoes.

    No Mess Bacon Cooker is impractical. Its more savory if cooked pan-fried (no oil), its gonna cook in its own oil.

    Its better to use your own hands to crack eggs than the Egg Cracker. Just practice cracking eggs for breakfast.

    If you don’t have onion goggles, use swimming goggles.

  58. Keri

    What is sad is people are buying this stuff. I have to say, Im thinking of the banana peeler for my mother in Law, and the egg cracker for Dad. but only as gag gifts. lol oh and the only think it would buy is the spegettiie thing and the table place mat was funny

  59. Jim

    I’ve got a hamburger press that was my mom’s 50 years ago.

  60. totalcoolness

    totally awesome all of them especially the ez cracker its also so additcing to crush cans and now with a frog i love these :) :0

  61. natalie

    ah, i really want the oil wand . it would waste less cooking oil becaouse i always put too much :(

  62. Martin

    Two-spouted teapot looks great… until you only want one cup of tea.

  63. charley

    if you don’t want to cry cutting onions, use a sharp knife for pity’s sake! that way you slice the onion instead of crushing it. sheesh!

  64. Xythe

    Who the hell cooks bacon in a Microwave? YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

  65. Mike

    Some inventions are good, while others are just lazy aids.

  66. Sikter

    Co many solutions in search of a problem. I’ll single out the banana peeler as the most useless though. Monkeys have figured it out eons ago…

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