Clever and Creative Crosswalk Advertising

Clever and Creative Crosswalk Advertising

Creative uses of crosswalks in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Shopping Curitiba Crosswalk

Creative zebra crossing that looks like a bar code was used to promote a sale at Curitiba shopping center in Brazil.

Shopping Curitiba Crosswalk

Shopping Curitiba Crosswalk 2

Shopping Curitiba Crosswalk 3

Latina Insurance Crosswalk

“Crosswalks are safer” by Pragma DDB, Lima, Peru.

Latina Insurance Crosswalk

Bubbles Hair Salon Comb Crosswalk

During the weekend, a comb-shaped zebra crossing was created adjacent to the hair salon in India. The effect was achieved by sticking a temporary transparent sticker to the road.

Bubbles Hair Salon Comb Crosswalk

South Africa Tourism Crosswalk

Clever marketing for South Africa Tourism. Zebra crossing signs in Mumbai, India were painted to look like the stripes of a real zebra.

South Africa Tourism Crosswalk

Funeral Home Zebra Crossing

Funeral Home Zebra Crossing

Mr. Clean Crosswalk

Clever marketing for Mr. Clean cleaning supplies in Italy.

Mr. Clean Crosswalk

Latina Insurance Crocodile Crosswalk

“Crosswalks are safer” by Pragma DDB, Lima, Peru.

Latina Insurance Crocodile Crosswalk

FedEx Kinko’s Crosswalk

BBDO used oversized bottles of correction fluid to promote FedEx Kinko’s in New York.

FedEx Kinkos Crosswalk

Bin Your Butts Crosswalk

Bin Your Butts Crosswalk

MTN Company Crosswalk

Zebra crossings were used to draw attention to the “Settimane dell’Architettura e del Design”, an international appointment between designers, architects and passionates in South Italy.

MTN Company Crosswalk

Zebra Crossing Memorial

Names of victims of traffic accidents were painted as white stripes of zebra crossing.

Zebra Crossing Memorial

Reckless Driving Zebra Crossing

“Life is precious. Use the zebra crossing.”

Reckless Driving Zebra Crossing

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  1. echojuan

    These are rad!


  2. Trump Taj


  3. Tony

    I could see myself not wanting to walk on the coffin shaped stripe for the funeral home for some reason.

    And…..wouldn’t the victims one actually be dangerous as people might read it ? Having said that, it does get the message across I guess.

    Pretty cool ideas though.

  4. Ionut Puiu

    How do they keep the Mr. Clean crosswalk so white? :-??

  5. Jaqi Mugo

    Ha ha, humorous! :D

  6. gary

    neat collection. I myself prefer to walk on the wildside.

  7. Hugo Gomez

    Amazing, great collection too

    greetings from México =)

  8. Dainis Graveris

    Wow – sick! Mr. Clean Crosswalk is the best one in my opinion, excelent contrast.

  9. Dave

    MR. CLEAN. brilliant

  10. Beezy

    love the barcode. very smart

  11. Luis

    hahaha I love the coffin zebra cross

  12. Sklep Zoologiczny

    Amazing. I’m not sure but suppose that in Poland this kind of advertising is forbidden. What a pity!

  13. Shawn Crosby

    These are great, with the exception of the Zebra Crossing Memorial.

    “Names of victims of traffic accidents were painted as white stripes of zebra”

    I mean, don’t you find it Ironic that if people stand in the crosswalk, reading the memorial they just might be a victum of a traffic accident. just sayin.

  14. mr_biz

    hey does anbody know any other sites like this one? i can’t get enough of this

  15. Adelle

    surprised not to see a piano keyboard in there somewhere

  16. amanhem

    they are very smart,

  17. Anto

    Shawn Crosby, I totally agree with you!
    However, this is just an ingenius way to reach to even the most unattentive pedestrian.

    Gud job, we’ll sure adopt some in Kenya!

  18. Jesika

    It makes my head hurt!

  19. savedobby

    this is just a heads up, but if your going to gloat about being first(and dont get me wrong, i totally would)can you at least spell first right? because it is spelled first, not frist. frist is not, to the best of my knowledge, a word

  20. celina

    Curitiba!!! My heart lives here…wonderful city

  21. youngin`

    insperational :)

  22. Amax

    I like the ‘real’ Zebra crossing from a zoo in South Africa. Very cool and real concept.

  23. ariana

    great collection

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