Modern Townhouse in Sweden

Modern Townhouse in Sweden

Unique townhouse, designed by Elding Oscarson, is sandwiched between old neighboring houses in Landskrona, Sweden.

The continuous interior space is opening up to the street, to the sky, and to an intimate backyard garden. [photos by Åke E:son Lindman]

Modern House

Modern Home Interior

Modern Home in Sweden

House in Sweden

Modern House in Sweden

Home in Sweden

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  1. Justin

    Looks really neat! Clean, tidy and practical! : D

  2. Aokiharu

    Wow..It’s very clean, cool and beautiful but I am not sure If I could live in it.


  3. Justin

    Aokiharu, why not?

    Just curious! XD

  4. Stephan

    love the garden idea

  5. Aokiharu

    It’ll get dirty quickly! Imagine walking around with dirty shoes! What a mess!


  6. malkieve

    Nice! Amazing how simple it looks on the outside, and so different inside. But I can imagine some of the neighbours complaining abt how it stands out :x

  7. altissima

    @ malkieve: “But I can imagine some of the neighbours complaining abt how it stands out”
    Except that it kind of doesn’t (stand out).
    Considering it’s a modern building in a row of older cottages, it’s very discreet. Almost invisible – neutral colour; clean plain lines; no ornamentation or decoration – nothing to draw your attention. Your eye kind off slides by when you look along the row of houses.

  8. Amanda

    Haaha.. In sweden?? I live in sweden:P

  9. forumlogic

    @ altissima: your eye kind of slides by when you look along the row of houses.

    I agree, my eye definately tries to avoid looking at it. There is no effort made to be sympathetic to its neighbours. Saying that it is discretely unadorned and neutral is to politely deny that it is a stark ugly lump rudely squatting incongruently amid the pitched roofs.

    Who would live in a house like this? Someone self-interested, self-centered and with no wish to be participate in the local community, that’s who!

  10. adry

    this clearly isn’t a house to live in , is cold and unpleasant, no feeling of family or whatever, it’s stupid all over

  11. lano

    People usually don’t have shoes indoors in Sweden, its just not part of our culture. I think its a beautiful house, I like it, however, its not the house of my dreams. Too little colour, too much ‘Hospital’!

  12. PauL B

    I could definitely live in this!
    Dag how the bed’s on wheels?Too wild!
    Could do with some colour though..
    We need more places like this on earth, min space and pretty good for the environment compared to the usual houses these days!

  13. adkarta

    wow, nice design. is it people really live there?

  14. Amy

    i could live in this…. but it’s just too orderly…. it’d make me feel uncomfortable. It’s like a hotel, but it’s not. i’m a messy person. this house is way to neat

  15. JK3

    If by modern, they mean sterile, cold and uninviting- then they succeeded. This design may work in some cities- but Sweden has a unique and classic architecture structure that is an icon. Why mess with that?

  16. JGarrido

    Looks boring and uninspired, not to mention a b***h to keep clean.

  17. Karin L.

    I like it!

  18. lea

    its a model home they normally are white or neutral you can always paint it what ever color you want at least on the inside. i like it is a great use of the space and gives you way more space that you would be able to get it a smaller house

  19. Fillibert

    again, looks good when new but in a year dirt, smog, people leaning against it will make it spotted gray

  20. Betty Greaves

    The compulsive, bloggers on the site are consistantly
    irritating and avoided.

  21. Tom

    @forumlogic, are you from united states? just curious ;)

  22. Greg

    Wonderful home… so livable and an excellent addition to the street.

    In response to Aokiharo’s post… about dirty shoes. I wouldn’t worry about it as in Sweden, like most Asian countries, it is common to remove shoes before entering someones home.

    The roof top garden is amazing!


  23. Eduardo

    Simple home, simple plan, simple house.

    If anyones interested, check out the construction detailing’s. They can be found in the darco magazine.

    everything’s so simple its reassuringly pleasant.

  24. passion


  25. Valeria

    where is the bathroom?

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