Mug Sweaters

Mug Sweaters

Miniature sweaters for coffee mugs designed and handmade by Nawanowe.

Knitted coffee mug sweater is a perfect gift for tea and coffee drinkers.

Mug Sweater

Coffee Mug Sweater

Sweater for Your Mug

Coffee Mug Sweaters

Cup Sweaters

Cup Sweater

Nawanowe Mug Sweater

Nawanowe Mug Sweaters


Sweater for Your Coffee Mug

Nawanowe Sweater

Knitted Sweater for Your Mug

Nawanowe Sweaters

Sweater for Your Cup

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  1. Betty

    Just Darling!…one problem though…what if the mug you drink from happens to be twice that size?

  2. eemke

    if you drink from a mug whit a sweater your mouth will touch it and I think that is disgusting !nalso if you spill only a little cofee the sweater will get dirty , so for the next cup you’ll need a neone…not really practicall !

  3. qat

    …and how are you able to drink from it without stuffing your mouth with knitted sweater?

  4. Imti

    so cuteee<3

  5. Sepehr

    that’s why there’s no picture of people actually using these sweaters :))

  6. GoMuhammad

    No offence, but I think it just fits for ladies.. and gays. :)

  7. kati

    you can always use a straw :) or undress your mug before you pour your tea/coffee in it and drink it… it´s true, that it´s not very practical, but it´s cute :) (I also agree with GoMuhammad)

  8. Maggie

    its cute but easy to get stain by coffee or tea or whatever >< can’t use for drink

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