Triangle House in Japan

Triangle House in Japan

This beautiful 3-story triangular house is located in Kawasaki City, Japan.

Designed by Ryoichi “Kodi” Kojima and Hiroshi Ono, the house features a wooden frame and a strong base reinforced with concrete.

Triangle House

Ryoichi Kojima Triangle House

Triangle Home

Japanese Triangle Home

Triangle House Interior

Triangle Home in Japan

Triangle House by Ryoichi Kojima

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  1. Reilly

    Cool. Very interesting concept.

  2. heh

    The hipsters will LOVE this

  3. Hiro

    Nice shape but isn’t it a little un handy?

  4. Zunny

    Unique, but what is the point ( well ok, small pun intended)
    It’s not saving anything and has not utilized the space well, this envelope could easily incorporate a loft as well.

  5. Diego

    I like the concept but it looks too cold.

  6. Tony

    ….just cause you CAN doesn’t always mean your SHOULD.

    This is a waste of space in a country where space is at a premium in my opinion.

  7. Toasty O's

    Not exactly groundbreaking. There was an A-Frame house next door where I grew up. The door was in the front of that one, not on the side. Just because you build it in Japan does not make it special for that reason alone.

  8. Karin L.

    Contemporary but not worthy enough for spacesaving in Japan….

  9. Reyairia

    It must suck to fix the roof.

  10. nlima

    it looks out of place among all those houses.

  11. KRONK

    my ∆ brings all the hipsters to my yard, and they’re like, how avant-garde.

  12. James Anzalone

    @KRONK that was awesome.

    even though this house is so not avant-garde

  13. James Ward

    OK…so…it’s an A-Frame. Who knew that the mainstay of Adirondack cabins would be considered “hip”

  14. Hsoj Spillihp

    this would be a good idea pretty much anywhere EXCEPT where space is very rare… why waste it?… idiots.

  15. Sky_pirate

    Look at all the buildings AROUND it. One house isn’t going to make much of a difference housing-wise, why not make the place a little more exciting? It’s like a flower popping up through sand, why not? It’s not hurting anything, plus it looks good!

  16. M

    So they built a tent. What’s groundbreaking inthis project?


    i don’t think it’s a kind of space saving way… :| the interior is simple… maybe it’s unique just because it has the triangle shape outside :|

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