Apartment made from Paper

Apartment made from Paper

Don Lucho has created an entire apartment out of cardboard and paper.

As an added bonus, the artist also made a life-sized paper car and placed it outside of the apartment building.

Paper Apartment

Cardboard Apartment

Paper Apartment by Don Lucho

Paper Toilet

Apartment made of Paper

Apartment made out of Paper

Cardboard Car

Paper Car

Also check out: Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo

  1. Moo

    Oh. My. God. SOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!

  2. Karen


  3. John

    No Smoking Within 50 Feet?

  4. Yon

    That toilet hardly seems sustainable. So much for going green.

  5. Rindane

    You are kidding me :)

  6. gunneos

    good to know what the trees are dying for

  7. Karin L.

    I don’t want to live there!

  8. Janet

    wow the most funny and interesting artwork!!

  9. Enav


  10. Reilly

    Absolutely pointless, stupid, and wasteful.

  11. Moo

    It would only be wasteful if all the cardboard was new, which I’m sure it wasn’t because it all looks like old bits and scraps put together. IT’S ART. The point is to entertain, enlighten, etc, etc, it’s not supposed to be functioning as a real house. Not everything is pointless just because you can’t use it in a conventional sense.

  12. 69from

    broken car is cool

  13. James Anzalone

    The car is really awesome, It almost works better because of the space its in.. The house is really cool too.. I wonder how it was shown.

    and yeah I’m sure its all recycled cardboard.

  14. adkarta

    the car is amazing,,,

  15. Raads

    that is sooo cool! it looks very bleak so maybe it could be used to represent the servants quaters or something in the olden days..? and they even included a car!
    (yes i figured that you wouldnt be able to use the car since it is the olden days)

  16. Toasty Ohs

    This is where A-HA stayed when they were shooting “Take On Me”


    Woops, dropped my match. Lol.

  18. Catherine

    Love it. So clever.

  19. Miren


  20. ariel

    im not surprised, there’re lot of carton houses in my country, cos they’re homeless.. but this is smarter homeless

  21. Luis Minaya

    Its pure art maybe u cant do much with it but the concept is interesting and cool.

  22. cindy

    Amazing crative genius and so totally quirky amusing.

  23. Organic Mattress

    The uselessness of this is not the issue – it’s the statement being made. Imagine seeing all of the things you are trained to value reduced to paper?

  24. Raymond

    makes me smile for the rest of the day

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