Drawings on Dirty Trucks

Drawings on Dirty Trucks

Using his finger as a paintbrush, talented British artist Ben Long draws unique artworks on the rear shutters of dusty trucks.

Wonderful drawings on dirty trucks bring smiles to the faces of pedestrians and remind drivers to wash their cars.

The Great Travelling Art Exhibition

Truck Drawings

Truck Drawing

Ben Long Car Drawings

Drawings on Dirty Cars

Ben Long Drawings

Finger Drawings on Dirty Cars

Ben Long Truck Drawings

Art on Dirty Trucks

Finger Drawings on Dirty Trucks

Artist Ben Long

Art on Dirty Cars

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  1. Kathy

    These are wonderful! But, what’s a truck driver to do? Save the grime – and the wonderful image, or rinse off the dirt and loose the image? A new dilemma, for sure.

  2. Gert

    I’d never wash my truck again.

  3. Barrie Hall

    Solution. Spray paint over and wash. The clean section would then become a negative of the image.

  4. lee

    Quite beguiling. This sort of thing ought to be encouraged. Sadly, some poor sod in a van depot somewhere has no.doubt been tasked with.stamping out this sort of thing.

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