Airplane Hotel in Costa Rica

Airplane Hotel in Costa Rica

The most exclusive hotel suite in Costa Rica is located inside an airplane.

Renovated 1965 Boeing 727 includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a flat screen TV, small dining area, and a terrace with an ocean view.

Boeing 727 Hotel

Airplane Suite in Costa Rica

Boeing 727 Suite

Airplane Bathroom

Airplane Suite

Plane Suite

Costa Rica

Airplane Hotel

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  1. James Anzalone

    I want this to be my house.

  2. timmay

    pretty sweet

  3. Rasnidhi

    SO nice place and house

  4. Daniel

    Awsome idea and really good made!

  5. Art of Concept


  6. Toasty O's

    I was expecting something that looked super tacky, but that place looks great. The wood paneling inside is very nice. You would have thought that they would have done built-ins for the wardrobes however.

  7. hamid ansari

    i will visit it in sept.

  8. Alice

    Not sure it works for me. Love the view but I find the wood a bit overwhelming.

  9. nima

    my life would s**k without this!

  10. Karin L.




  12. et

    this reminds me of LOST

  13. Alex

    ive been there

  14. pete

    Sweet Home!

  15. Jantra

    gorgeous! what a cool concept..& at @et…yeah! i was thinking lost fans would be so stoked with this place :)

  16. Nima

    This is really good

  17. jahoo

    Perfect for vacation!

  18. AJ

    I love the wood inside! I wanna live there.

  19. enav

    Awesome romantic

  20. Greg

    I saw this being built a couple years back when I was staying at the same hotel. There’s actually a bar nearby that takes a similar approach. It’s a gutted war plane overlooking the mountain, pretty awesome.

  21. cebuph

    Its so cool I love it.

  22. Les

    Exelente! Guarda con los rayos porque si se prende la madera quedas carbonizado!!!
    Exelente igual!

  23. ChEeSe

    i wanna live in there!!!!!!!

  24. a

    Does it have a swimming pool?

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