Floor Transforms into Furniture

Floor Transforms into Furniture

Innovative furniture concept designed by Shin Yamashita from Japan.

Land Peel is a modular floor mat that users can transform into chairs, coffee tables, and workstations by simply lifting the panels.

Innovative flooring created for modern apartments with limited space.

Land Peel by Shin Yamashita

Land Peel

Modern Furniture

Peel Furniture

Floor Furniture

Land Peel Furniture

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  1. bomberben


  2. Lilly

    I feel like owning that would make my life so much better…

  3. tim

    can i buy this foreal? and how much?

  4. Henry

    awesome !!

  5. Doc

    slightly hard to use for fat people. Its harder to breath if your sitting on the floor :)

  6. Yuri

    perfect idea for small rooms

  7. Mert

    One basic word, hygiene.

    Far eastern cultures are more hygienic since they don’t get into their houses with their shoes on. But the whole western culture… thanks for using your brains :) I love to see how people evolve.

  8. T

    I think I expected japanese people to come up with the idea anyways. I mean, the floor is so much more important for them than it is for us. Seriously, though, they eat on the floor – why shouldn’t they work or read there aswell? I like it, it’s a great idea, but I’m pretty sure my mum would never allow this :b

  9. Rahman

    i wonder if they’ll sell it overseas..

  10. chisato

    woooooooow!!! i want it!

  11. Benjamin Christine

    i really enjoy that! :) pretty cool! would be great for kids.

  12. Me

    THAT RUG IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE DO I BUY???

  13. Atavistica

    On Merts hygiene point, the table surfaces appear to be on the underside of the carpet. As long as its hoovered regularly and the table surface is antibacterial like Microban or some such i can’t see a massive problem with it apart for comfort.

  14. gnarfi

    i want one…
    three i want three

  15. bert

    pretty cool

  16. dean

    I have a friend who loves his furniture low. This takes things to a clever extreme! Please send me details where to buy.

  17. chedie

    I’m loving it!

  18. arief

    i like it

  19. kadal

    wow, amazing….i’m gonna make it with my own style, maybe using fiber sheet or vinyl….haha thanks for inspired me…..

  20. prema

    it’s really amazing – i really want one of those!

  21. Babs

    This is awful and not seems to be so confortable.

  22. Sunny

    Great design!

  23. Sajeev Kumar

    wow,amazing….i’m gonna make it with my own style

  24. you want

    thats really not that kewl.
    just sayin.

  25. Glenn Contreras

    To me is perfect but, what about cleaning time? =/

  26. Cottage David

    I like traditional furniture! But I have to say that’s pretty cool, it would work well in a kids play room.

  27. Joy

    I WANT ONE!!!!

  28. Fajar


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