3D Painting

3D Painting

Beautiful and creative art installation by American artist Gregory Euclide.

Three-dimensional waterfall comes out of two-dimensional painting into paper lake that flows through hand-sculpted landscape.

Gregory Euclide Painting

Painting by Gregory Euclide

Gregory Euclide

3D Art by Gregory Euclide

Otherworldly by Gregory Euclide

Gregory Euclide Otherworldly


3D Art

3D Painting by Gregory Euclide

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  1. Mark

    Cool looking from far away, looks like a weird science project/diramama up close

  2. minions

    I think the concept could have been more developed, especially behind the hand-sculpted landscape. Otherwise, very good!

  3. inan

    ultra kitch!

  4. Kochtopf

    uhm… dumb question what are these things on the right? Also I think it looks rather nice :3

  5. Gert

    Needs work. B-/C+

    Better effort could be put into the support structure and thought process behind the 3D portion.

    This is high school level skill at best.

  6. Kochtopf

    Not a dumb question, i was also wondering what these things are…

  7. Snufkin


    at first i thought they’re miniature toilet seats xD

    a link on the artists website reveals this:

  8. Jonathan

    Bon Iver!

  9. Aly

    I thought those little things off to the side were cupcakes… I’m hungry lol

  10. Kochtopf


    ty I really could not get my head around in because it kind of looked like cocktails or something. :D

  11. Rob

    Nice idea, poor execution.

  12. archatas


  13. Cole

    I don’t think it’s that bad. I think the juxtaposition between the very fine painting and the collage type 3d section is a bit weird, but both are pretty interesting.

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