Realistic Human Head Helmets

Human Head Helmets

Motorcycle helmets designed by Jyo John Mulloor look like human heads.

Realistic bald head helmet will protect your head and start conversations.

Realistic Human Head Helmets

Realistic Human Head Helmet

Human Head Helmet

Jyo John Mulloor

Jyo John Mulloor Human Head Helmets

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  1. Gert

    These are great. I think they would be most awesome on women.

  2. chuck


  3. Chari

    These are hilarious! I’d love to see one actually on the models! :-D

  4. Silas

    These are pretty neat, but they’re still only concepts (though the artist has said there are manufacturers interested). These are not actual helmets, simply photo manipulations (albeit very cool ones).

  5. Swiper Fox

    Its already been thought of by GOOD as of Dec 31, 2010.

    “Series of unusual and creative motorcycle helmets designed by GOOD.”

    Just look in “Creative Motorcycle Helmets”… Its already there in the last set of photos as “Bald Head Helmet”.

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