Transforming Chair

Transforming Chair

Modern wooden furniture designed to be easily transformed from beautiful chair into unique bench or rocking lounge chair.

Exocet chair made by talented Canadian designer Stephane Leathead.


Stephane Leathead Transforming Chair

Stephane Leathead Exocet Chair

Stephane Leathead

Stephane Leathead Chair

Designarium Exocet Chair

Canadian Designer Stephane Leathead

Designarium Chair

Exocet Chair

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  1. f sdf

    looks like something that will get you a back pain

  2. Kathy

    Love the flow of the design and the different configurations. It is truly beautiful. I will say thought that it screams out for some type of pad to help soften what appears to be a very hard and uncomfortable surface.

  3. Zaher Sahyoun

    Wow beautiful and brilliant at the same time, i like…

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