Beautiful Snake Photography

Beautiful Snake Photography

Stunning photographs by Guido Mocafico feature different snake species.

Among the 2,900 known snakes, few are dangerous, let alone lethal, to humans, but prejudices run deep. The artist wants you to discover this family of animals through these colorful images. [Serpens book]

Lampropeltis pyromelana

Gonyosoma oxycephalum

Boiga dendrophila melanota

Epicrates cenchria maurus

Dendroaspis viridis

Lampropeltis getula nigrita

Dendroaspis jamesoni jamesonii

Naja kaouthia

Dendroaspis viridis

Lampropeltis getula californiae

Morelia viridis

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  1. Darrell

    …I can take a picture of a snake in a box…

  2. KKL

    Is it on a plane? :|

  3. Moo

    It’s not about being able to take a photo of a snake in a box, it’s about thinking to do it. Jeez, when did art become a competition of what is the most difficult thing to do? These are beautiful photographs and I would love to hang one, or three, on my wall.

  4. Bob Apples

    Toxel should get a “like” button. The above comment rules. Go MOO! Just kidding about the button thing, that would be a baaaad idea.

  5. blurt

    very cool. They look like rope. and yay moo!

  6. mikewashere

    not only that, referring to the 1st comment, getting access to any snake isn’t easy.

  7. mosesedge

    These are beautiful photographs. Props to Moo! Art is not a contest.

  8. enav

    2 words come to my mind…. Indiana Jones

  9. tota

    colorful… but very scary for me, still an art

  10. Jon


  11. Gaby

    I agree with Moo , i’m so tired of people saying “i can do that”………..well…….you didn’t!!!!!!!!!

  12. luke

    like it! reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy’s work.

  13. Betty

    These are gorgeous shots. Darrel, as a photographer I can tell you that you can take a picture of a snake in a box but look like these. :-)

  14. Doink

    These amazing pictures prove that beauty IS deadly and cold. Referring to previous comments, I’ve seen recently in a local design magazine the following line:

    “Anyone can do the thing does. But he’s the only one that thought of doing it.”

  15. Nataly

    ornamental photos. I like it

  16. Ron

    I want to add to what people are saying, art is just as much “anybody can do it, but he’s the one that did”, as much as I think it’s “he also chose to do it a certain way”.

    I might’ve thought of taking pictures of a snake in a box, but I wouldn’t have made the stylistic decisions of which snakes, how many, what colors, what contrasts and lighting, etc.

  17. Deanna

    Beautifully done, but even a picture of a snake makes me uneasy!

  18. Mia Lazar

    I don’t like snakes but this looks so great.

  19. chazzzz

    super images, well done.

  20. Cory

    moo, i salute you! i have become sick of people saying “thats so easy i could do that”. all i want to say back to them is “well, did you?”

  21. ALP

    These pictures show nature’s artwork.
    I have always thought that snakes are beautiful and these pictures show it!

  22. Kirvi_Inci

    Gorgeous photos and even more gorgeous snakes!

  23. L Bell

    Snakes = FAIL
    Beautiful? Yes.
    Creepy? Yes, very!

  24. Midet

    Honestly, L Bell, since when are snakes “fail”.
    Anyway, snakes are awesome, these pictures are awesome, awesome everything.

  25. Nick

    Do we know what kind of snakes these all are? I have some guesses, just curious…

    Beautiful art!

  26. DB

    I guess that living out of the city you get to realise that snakes are not a great threat, I’ve seen many a snake at work and and when i’m just getting around the coast, they always take off, not once has one come near me. These photos are rad.

  27. Pluto Nash

    Damn boy. Don’t be stickin yo hand in that piece of work. You be askin for a hurtin. Haters fo life.

  28. TheTed

    incredibly beautiful.

  29. ENZ0

    whoa whoa whoa whoa……okay…..i disagree with you, Moo. why? because i hate that way of thinking. its art because “its about thinking to do it”? no way. cause if that was true, then off of that same principal:

    -a 1000L cube of sperm is art
    -a can of artists’ sh!t is art
    -22 metal poles bent to look like they were already heading to the junkyard is art
    -cutting out the head of a picture of hitler out of a school textbook and gluing it on top of a picture of a body of a fly is art
    -a milk carton with a fork through it is art.

    nooo way. the only art i respect is the kind of art that people actually put time effort and skill into, like a scenic or realistic painting, not something they decided off of some random suggestion. “i just had the perfect idea for my next masterpiece. a baby mobile. but instead of things A baby would like to see swinging above them, ill put cigarettes and guns. oh hells yeah”…….nah no thank you.

    with that said, i like these pictures. theyre pretty.

  30. Ben

    @nick If you hover your mouse over the picture it gives the snakes latin name. I’m really impressed the artist found two albino cobras for picture 8.

  31. Ron


    interestingly enough, (or annoyingly enough, up to you) any of the things you mentioned could be construed as art. Read up on dadaism, if anything.

  32. James Anzalone

    I agree with Moo

  33. Gleasonator

    The content of a piece is not what defines it as art or not art, it is the motivation and thought processes that went into making it. As Ron said, all of the things you mentioned could be construed as art. Not because someone did it first, but only if the creator felt it was some form of self-expression.

  34. InCha

    How neat! I love snakes and would love to have some of these on my wall.

  35. timmay

    haha the white snake looks like a chicken

  36. Patrik Smit

    Wow.very nice although sort of scary but still beautiful photos.Good job!

  37. Solanin

    to ENZ0 that is only your opinion of what art is… if you are asking the question “what is art?”, try reading up on Marcel Duchamp, it will give you at least one new perspective…

  38. Ayoally

    incredibly beautiful….. <3

  39. Rae

    Art cannot be defined.
    Not by one person, or by 10 people.
    An entire society of beings could not define art.
    Art is what the viewer wants it to be.
    What the artist felt that it was.

    It can be one thing today and something much different tomorrow.

    Only the artist could even possibly begin to define… and most great artist… would choose not to label there creations.
    Most artists would agree with my previous statement that instead of telling you or anyone what art is they would rather that you find the meaning yourself.
    Intrepret and feel the art for what you think it is…

  40. ccc

    Poor snakes…

  41. Desirae

    i love snakes and one of these days i will own one and they will be just as beautiful as these. btw these are amazingly great :)

  42. thefed

    If you think this is easy and “you could do that”…you obviously can’t do it.

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