Mario Piranha Plant Extendable Grabber

Piranha Plant Extendable Grabber

3D Printed extendable grabber toy designed to look like scary Piranha Plant character from classic Super Mario Bros video games.

Use Piranha Plant Extendable Grabber to grab items from hard-to-reach places, whether it’s snacks, keys, or other small objects.

Made by Alice3DTreasures out of eco-friendly PLA material, 3D printed edition is both sustainable and safe for the environment.

Each grabber undergoes thorough quality inspections to ensure it meets high standards and fits into every Mario fan’s toy collection.

Mario Piranha Plant Extendable Grabber

It was inspired by one of the most iconic characters from the Super Mario universe, the Piranha Plant, making it instantly recognizable and cool.

Super Mario Piranha Plant Extendable Grabber

Extendable feature adds an extra layer of fun and utility, allowing you to reach and grab things from a distance with ease.

Super Mario Piranha Plant Grabber

Mario Piranha Plant Extendable Grabber is bound to catch the eye and spark conversations among friends, family, and fellow gamers.

Mario Piranha Plant Scissors

For those who grew up playing Super Mario games, owning a piece of the franchise in the form of this grabber brings back nostalgic memories.

Piranha Plant Extendable Scissors

Novelty item that brings a smile to your face every time you use it, infusing a bit of fun into everyday tasks.

Mario Piranha Plant Grabber

Ultimately, anything related to Super Mario is undeniably cool – and Piranha Plant Extendable Grabber is no exception.

Piranha Plant Grabber

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