Sleeping Pods in Antarctica

Sleeping Pods in Antarctica

Domed sleeping pods inspired by space station interiors and retro design reminiscent of the Millennium Falcon, offer a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

White Desert Echo Camp provides a unique and futuristic experience amidst the icy expanse of Antarctica.

Nestled among stunning and surreal rugged rock formations, White Desert Camp draws inspiration from the golden era of space exploration.

Six private bedrooms, housed in the space-age Sky Pods, are crafted from advanced composite materials.

Guests can soak in cool scenery through the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the moon-like landscape outside.

After a day of exploration, people can unwind in the library pod, where they can marvel at infinite vistas that truly feel out of this world.

Made for exclusive groups of up to 12 people, White Desert Camp ensures a luxurious and environmentally conscious stay on the 7th Continent.

White Desert Sleeping Pod

White Desert Echo Camp

White Desert Camp in Antarctica

White Desert Camp

Sleeping Pod in Antarctica

White Desert Sleeping Pods in Antarctica

White Desert Sleeping Pods

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