360 House in Spain

360 House in Spain

Unique loop shaped house designed by Spanish architects Subarquitectura.

Located near Madrid, Casa 360 offers amazing panoramic views as it turns back on itself, completing the revolution. [photos by David Frutos]

360 House

360 Home


360 Room

Glass Stairway

360 House Interior

House Concept

Loop House

Casa 360

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  1. designgid

    Looking awesome, especially from top view…

  2. Solanin

    o.0… Love it!!! Though i pity all the CAD monkeys that had to suffer in the designing of this… the floor plans would have looked like a mess…

  3. Dominic

    Nice Clean Design, would be nice to have more of these houses around, getting fed up of one off’s…

  4. Sky_pirate

    I want to live in this house!!

  5. Arabian

    what a design :O

  6. Art of Concept

    How amazing! Truly fantastic, the views must be great!

  7. chazzzz

    I have a friend who lives in a big round house, but not a grand as this one … amazing

  8. Gert

    Would love to see them do something with the landscaping but this is very cool.

  9. enav

    pretty ugly

  10. Raads

    @ enav, i get your point, not exactley the best thing to look at is it?
    but i love the design, it’s soo unique, and the inside looks great :D

  11. vincent

    Truly ugly looks like strange.

  12. ChipMunkx

    I dont know what the * is going on in this crappy house :S

  13. Karin L.

    Very nice!

  14. graftik


  15. Deanna

    Could use more windows… If you look at the outside there’s just one row of windows.

  16. mailady

    Looks cold.

  17. ran

    wow….i wanna have my future house like that

  18. Bajo

    Doesn’t look warm and comfortable. For an art gallery itz ok.

  19. metaleaf

    Nice, but I wouldn’t want to live there . . . could you imagine eating there? Watching TV? Sitting and reading a book? It’s too cold. Maybe furniture, rugs, wall hangings would make it feel more like a home.

  20. Art of Concept

    …it has no decoration yet…maybe that’s why it doesn’t look like a cosy “home” but rather a cold place to live in…

  21. steve

    not so much a house as it is a hallway.

  22. Madibaman

    Interesting design but you’d think they’d make use of the amazing 360 view and use full-length windows instead of those boring little squares! Definitely agree the house could do with a little more “warmth”. Maybe it just hasn’t been decorated yet.

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