Ripple Effect Tea Table

Ripple Effect Tea Table

Beautiful and creative table designed by Jeonghwa Seo and Hanna Chung.

Each time you place the tea cup on the table, the ripples form on the water covered surface. The table was inspired by the belief that small changes in an individual’s life can have an impact on the whole community.

Ripple Table

Ripple Tea Table

Cool Table


Tea Table

Ripple Effect Table

Ripple Effect

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  1. Anna

    cool but can’t the water spill out if the ripples get to big?

  2. Bob

    How does the water stay there anyway?

  3. ann

    this is how it was explained on “”:

    1. It works with thin water layer(2mm) on black glossy table top. Ceramic plate is hallow so that it can float on the thin water when the cup is not on the plate. Weight of cup makes plate sink and creates ripple.

    2. My aim was not to design the easiest and simplest way of drinking tea but to design a new interaction of tea ceremony. Please see table as a medium for delivering eastern mental culture.
    Jeonghwa Seo 08.24.10

  4. dirris

    they will die of legionella

  5. Lulu-Chan

    this is soo cool i want one of these! i LOVE tea!

  6. Sky_pirate

    It would suck if you put a book down on the table by mistake. Seems like something I would do.

  7. Kenn

    The surface of the table itself is not wet. There’s a layer of water between the glass and the table itself, so its just like any other table..

  8. satisfy25

    Love it!!!!
    @Jeonghwa thanx for explaining…awesome concept!!!

  9. chazzzz

    super idear, loving this

  10. Radu

    can I drink whiskey on this?

  11. ugh

    I would pay easly $1500-3000 for this table

  12. Koi Koi

    Awesome. Very zen!

  13. Chris_P

    I love this table, think it looks ace… BUT

    why have the designers not considered the asthetics of the underneath? It looks like a modern top, innovative and very clever, but then looks like it’s been plonked on an old table design?

    Other than that… V.V.Nice!

  14. cchana

    really cool. i wonder if the Microsoft Surface could run an app that would replicate this digitally…

  15. Art of Concept


  16. pampalas

    really stupid, one whole table only for tea… and this guy says he would pay 1500$+ …

  17. Me

    An unsuspecting cat jumping onto a water-covered tabletop can also have an impact on the whole community… XD

  18. kayk3rek

    dude..its nice to have a table like this…
    but it will be AWESOME if i have my floor like this xD

  19. kadal

    is that real water or just a reflection? i’ve seen billiard table that has a water reflection like that….

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