Pac-Man Street Art

Pac-Man Street Art

3D street painting by talented artist Leon Keer was inspired by the Pac-Man arcade game from 1980s.

Pac-Man street art was painted on the sidewalk in Venlo, Netherlands.

Pac-Man Street Art by Leon Keer

3D Pac-Man by Leon Keer

Pac-Man Street Drawing

Pac-Man Optical Illusion

Pac-Man 3D Street Art

3D Pac-Man

Pac-Man by Leon Keer

Pac-Man Street Painting

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  1. mi

    i want this in my room

  2. intresting

    ^ Like

  3. Aaron

    Hey does anyone know if there’s a website that explains the process of making one of these 3D chalk art paintings (preferabley for free)?

  4. bob

    Aaron just google anamorphic art / forced perspective

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