Residential Church

Residential Church

St. Jakobus church in the Netherlands was converted into a modern house.

Zecc Architects have supervised the transformation with a great attention to light, space and functionality. Due to its location and historic significance, the building is registered as a municipal monument.

Church Living Room

Church Home

Modern Church

Church Bathroom

Church House

Church Bedroom

Living in a Church

Church Exterior

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  1. EugiKo

    is it really church? looks like house for freak millionaire who considers himself a saint.. IMHO

  2. jaKE

    it was a church, then converted into a home

  3. Ron

    there are so many things I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in that house 0_0

  4. Truthiness

    I’ve been imagining turning a church into a house for a few years now. This one is much different than what I’ve been imagining. The wide open space to be turned into smaller, yet still open spaces seems very appealing to me.

  5. Zach

    Ron, great comment! dig this.

  6. nicolas

    That’s great
    I’ve always dream to see a church used differently.
    Cause the building offers so many ways of fitting.
    Good good good

  7. Rose

    Is a bit too sparse for me. The character of the Church could have been put to better use.

  8. Fredrik

    Check out the nose-picking painting in what to looks like the kitchen. ;-)

  9. Bart

    Perhaps somewhat silly, but how do you heat a place that’s 14 meters high on the inside and is one big room actually? I also reckon the original stained windows are not as insulating as modern ones… just some thoughts!

  10. Drew Duncan

    Creative use for a beautiful building, i’d live there.

  11. may

    @Bart I was thinking the same thing. Its an original thought. Nice, but a little scary for me

  12. PauL B

    What an amazing house!just a pity it’s a church..I’m not emo or anything, i just don’t have the “faith” ha ha

  13. Eve

    Is earth already too crowded that God has to find his own place now or God abandoned these people?

  14. Ross

    looks like a good place for an orgy.

  15. woops

    A center of worship turned into… a house.

    Huge loss of significance there.

  16. Yui

    sadly it was turned into a not so functional house…it feels empty and sparse, not the way churches feel. However, I think the idea is great, there are many churches for sale in my area and it’s nicer if they are used than abandoned and derelict.

  17. Math

    Nicolas, there’s a church in Qu├ębec city that is now a circus school. Its the perfect building for that kind of school!!

  18. Meri

    Pity – looks as though white paint was sprayed or brushed over most finer surfaces. Doesn’t appear to be a very creative use of the materials or space.

  19. SS

    Just like Ira Levin’s play “Cantorial”, minus the synagogue factor.

  20. Andrea

    While some beauty exists in the simplicity of the design, I find it somehow saddening. Churches at their best are places of bustling life, and communing. If church buildings are abandoned, why not turn them into something a whole community can use? How bout neighborhood meals, art events, space for yoga classes? I think that would be the best way to honor a sacred space.

  21. MJ

    I would have added a loft to where the dining table is situated and maybe add more color to give it a cozy feel. The place looks to cold for me. Makes me wonder if the place is haunted?

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