Transparent Church

Transparent Church

Beautiful see-through church designed by talented Belgian architects Arnout Van Vaerenbergh and Pieterjan Gijs.

Reading between the Lines” structure was constructed out of 100 layers and 2000 columns of steel. Shaped like a traditional church, this unique building looks like a modern sculpture with transparent walls.

Modern Church


See-through Church

Seethrough Church

Unusual Church

See through Church

Church Sculpture

Reading Between the Lines Church

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  1. Zack

    I hear the Church is all about being transparent in its’ actions.

  2. Ninja Egg :D

    love to be married in that! :D

  3. David Rosen


  4. Mon Sun C

    That’s is sooo cool!

  5. Sharyn

    Wow! That’s just awesome. I thought it was some sort of optical illusion thing at first.

  6. Betty

    That’s beautiful- I love how the landscape is not obscured but becomes part of the church.

  7. Lilia Smiles

    Truly amazing and you can tell a lot of thought has been put into the design!

  8. T

    what about when it rains though?

  9. Elphi

    That’s pretty awesome. But it looks fragile…

  10. karen ho fatt

    This is a true inspiration. Love to see what others come up with, like they say, ideas are a dime a dozen. Love to see it come to fruition like this one.Definitely a favorite!

  11. Niyari

    It’s beautiful, and it portrays the basic beliefs well “reading between the lines” instead of taking everything at face value

  12. Katie

    Lovely. Would be great for a photoshoot and a great place for a wedding! :) They should allow plants and vines to grow over it… that would make for a really beautiful structure after a while.

  13. Rory

    Wow this is the first time that the church has been transparent

  14. Darrell


  15. Joe

    I wonder if the people inside will be transparent as well

  16. crusader


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