Type Sandwiches

Type Sandwiches

Series of creative typographic posters by American designer and illustrator David Schwen features detailed recipes of popular sandwiches.

Ingredients of different sandwiches are presented and arranged in proper order using the power of color and typography.


Typography Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese

Helvetica Sandwiches

Chicago Dog

Typed Sandwiches


Type Sandwich


Typography Sandwich


Typed Sandwich


Helvetica Sandwich

Double Stuff Oreo

Helvetica Food


Typography Food

PB & J

Type Food


Typed Food


Type Sandwiches by David Schwen

Helvetica Sandwich

David Schwen

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  1. gunneos

    wouldn’t it make more sense if the words were centralised?

  2. Megan

    Clever project!

    Agree with Gunneos, the words should be centralized.

  3. Frank

    And also be adjusted in size, type and width.

  4. Nozomu

    Recipe-T-shirts! Cool!

  5. Racin

    Can’t have a Ruben without Thousand Island, or a grilled cheese without Duke’s Mayo …….. can you tell I’m from the South?

  6. Tttttttttt

    I think he was mimicking those blank&blank&blank t shirts so the type is left aligned

  7. Vee

    I like the way the letters are aligned. Simple and clean.

  8. Dennis

    The burger shirt needs bacon!

  9. eddie

    Tastefully rendered, yet flavorless.

  10. Viv

    so hipster, but I love it

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