Large Office Supplies

Large Office Supplies

Unique room dividers by Radford Wallis look like oversized office supplies.

The project was commissioned by Land Securities property developer that wanted to creatively divide large office space in London.

Large Tape

Large Scissors

Large Marker

Large Measuring Tape

Office Supplies

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  1. Corey

    so realistic….

  2. Bill

    The tape part of the tape measure should have much more of a curve… just saying.

  3. Larna

    more more!

  4. kadal


  5. miggy

    damn those are big ones really cool

  6. Jahangir

    I would love to take my picture standing with these giant office supplies because other than that I don’t see any use of them :)

  7. Juzzi

    Like it says, they’re room dividers, each one leaves a trail on the floor. Not the most effective way to do it, but a nice one indeed

  8. Mel

    Another Company, Think Big, has been doing this
    for the last 25 years.

  9. Z


    That’s what she said!

  10. Kevin

    Aw, no post-it notes or staplers :(

    And where is the giant duct tape??

    Still, cool to see.

  11. Faiq

    It takes too much space!! Still cool though.

  12. Leonie

    @ Bill
    I was just going to say that ;)

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