Bear Toast Maker

Bear Toast Maker

Innovative kitchen tool designed by Japanese company Tokyu Hands allows people to make three-dimensional animals out of bread.

Shape pieces of bread into cute bears. Now you can eat 3D toast bears for breakfast and make delicious bear sandwiches for lunch. [buy now]

Bear Toast

Easy to Use

Tokyu Hands Bear Toast

3D Toast

Pop Up Bear Toast

Bear Sandwiches

Tokyu Hands

Bear Toast

Bear Bread

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  1. Greg Koralewski

    This is something only Japanese would invent.

  2. Noni

    @ Greg:
    or people with little kids; anything to make them eat…

  3. Lola

    Haha I agree with Greg!

  4. Gray

    I’m a grown woman and I want this. No, I need it.

  5. Gert

    cuteness level… expert

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