Hand Stitched Vogue Covers

Hand Stitched Vogue Covers

Inge Jacobsen creates hand stitched covers for popular fashion magazines.

Cross-stitched covers are very tactile and impossible to reproduce on a large scale because each piece is unique and handmade.

Hand Stitched Vogue Cover

Hand Stitched

Hand Stitched Vogue


Hand Stitched Cover

Stitched Cover

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  1. ran


  2. Fasha

    maybe some photoshop edit.

  3. iftikhar

    its supurb creation

  4. Rob

    I’d be more impressed if it was all stitched, not just stitched over a print.

  5. Danyell

    @ Fasha – PS doesn’t really do texture all that well…

  6. Larna

    Wow…so creative…i bet they want to do Playboy after this….muahahaha

  7. Diana

    @ Fasha – why is it, that every time something really creative and well crafted appears, there is somebody who has to say that is photoshopped…this is the action of a simple minded person who can only grasp the jealousy of its own limitations

  8. Gert

    I cross stitch, that is not photoshopped. However, This would have interested me more had the artist taken the time to transfer the cover to fabric and stitched it that way. Stitching over a print isn’t that creative, it’s just time consuming. Getting the colors just right to the original with nothing showing through underneath is a real skill.

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