Paradoxal 3D Printed Surfboard

Paradoxal 3D Printed Surfboard

Innovative surfboards created using 3D printing tech are tailored to provide exceptional performance and thrilling ride on the waves.

Paradoxal 3D Printed Surfboards are 100% eco-friendly, made out of algae instead of petroleum-based materials.

Modern surfboards are crafted using latest 3D printing technology.

High level of precision enables the optimal distribution of material, eliminating waste and enhancing the structural integrity of the board.

Unlike traditional surfboards with monolithic cores, the 3D printing process creates a circular internal structure with empty cavities, greatly improving the board’s resistance and durability.

3D Printed Surfboards

Paradoxal 3D Printed Surfboards

Paradoxal Surfboards

Paradoxal Surfboard

Paradoxal Printed Surfboards

3D Printed Surfboard

Paradoxal Printed Surfboard

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