Super Mario Shoes

Super Mario Shoes

Converse and Nintendo have teamed up and designed a series of awesome sneakers inspired by the iconic video game.

Super Mario Bros. themed shoes will be released in August 2011.

Mario Sneakers

Mario Shoes

Super Mario Sneakers

Converse Mario

Converse Mario Shoes

Converse Mario Sneakers

Nintendo Shoes

Converse Sneakers

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  1. chelsea_fc

    So. Awesome. I wouldn’t want to wear them for fear of making them dirty!

  2. mi

    im buying these!!!

  3. po

    I’m gonna buy one too..

  4. cara

    HA brilliant!!!

  5. Jan

    Now those are some nice shoes :-) 1UP!

  6. Gert

    How to spot the nerdy gamers outside of conventions. lol.

  7. Doc

    this is old school meets old school. I’d love to have one of these :)

  8. Yoyo

    really nice

  9. Dominic


  10. Lyndi

    I’ll definitely buy these

  11. Glenn Contreras

    Paran pam paran pam pam! Pam pam pam, pampamapam paranpam pam pam… =D

    (singing the theme song) xD

  12. franco

    I just found my wedding shoes.

  13. John

    How do i buy these?! :D

  14. andrew

    that’s really smart of them to think of that!

  15. Tomska

    Oh ma gawd I just nerded all over the floor… messy

  16. tahlia

    I need these!! You guys who said you’re buying them, WHERE FROM???? Help out a fellow nerd please!!

  17. Mariofan

    Oh my God. These are freaking amazing!
    Where can we order them!?!?
    They cost 350$ on eBay

  18. BELEN

    i want Yoshi….

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