Animal Footprint Sandals

Animal Footprint Sandals

Creative wooden beach sandals inspired by traditional Japanese footwear.

Ashiato sandals come in five colorful designs that allow you to leave paw prints of five different animals.


Footprint Sandals


Foot Print Sandals

Animal Footprints

Kiko Ashiato Sandals

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  1. Bek Wong

    Cute wee kiddies!

  2. James Ward

    Just what I need to commit…the perfect crime!!!!

  3. Madeleine

    How uncomfortable are those?

  4. kikki

    Wow! How creative, but looks really uncomfortable.

  5. Laurie

    I agree with Madeleine!!

  6. marcel

    Same exact idea was how hoaxers made fake bigfoot tracks

  7. simon

    I am 21 yr old please i to want one

  8. po

    it can be easily be made out of plastic. so no worries for the uncomfortable look I guess ;)
    nice and simple idea..

  9. Hellie

    Clarks Wayfinders did this too (quite a long time ago now I think though). They had animal footprint patterns on the sole and a compass in the heel!

  10. Minimal

    Wooden sandals is traditional art from Japan. And very comfortable for Japanese peoples. Nice idea. Love it.

  11. Benjamin Christine

    Brilliant! :)

  12. flatsolid

    So innocent! By the way, in antiquity a “Follow Me” imprint on the sole of a sandal was a common practice among hookers, in order to attract potential customers (not plenty of tarmac roads those days)

  13. Rose

    They look so cool! I bet you they’re not that uncomfortable.. but you can totally do some sneaky stuff with those cute little slippers! :)

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