3D Art Made of Clay

3D Art Made of Clay

Spanish artist Irma Gruenholz creates unique three-dimensional illustrations out of plasticine modelling clay.

Once the clay sculpture is finished, it is photographed and delivered in high resolution format to be used in books, magazines, and advertising.

3D Clay Art

Incredible Clay Art

Irma Gruenholz Clay Art

Awesome Clay Art

Clay Art

Irma Gruenholz

Unique Clay Art

Amazing Clay Art

Art Made of Clay

3D Clay Art

Clay Art

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  1. gunneos

    i always wonder how they get them so clean and smooth. mine are always full of fingerprints.

  2. Elyakim


  3. funtacafe

    they have dimention because “LIGHTING make SHADOW” !!!

  4. Rahman_XD

    Damn cool la..
    Must hav taken lot of tym..
    x D

  5. Sharyn

    I can’t imagine the patience it must take to do these, and one little mistake and you’d probably have to start again. Then again, I was never any good with Play Doh – so I’ve always admired anyone who can make even the most basic figures

  6. Ninja Egg :D

    These are adorable! And i guess they have special no finger print tools or something. Still awesome! :D

  7. pooja

    wer do u get these clay .. so smooth..

  8. Sydney

    claymation videos would be better but this was pretty awesome!

  9. Aerwhyn

    No Wallace & Gromit? Oh well

  10. Larna

    i think they are wearing rubber gloves to do this..thats why there’s no fingerprints..muahahaha…kidding

  11. Kari Bradshaw


  12. goral

    TO gunneos

  13. stuff



    Excelente, magnifico.

  15. Me

    How? That’s really COOL.

  16. Isabel

    These are so awesome!!! not just for the incredible detail, but the overall artistry in some of them are simply beautiful

  17. Clare

    The last one is by far my favourite

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