Astronauts on Earth

Astronauts on Earth

Wonderful photo series by Hunter Freeman reminds us that astronauts are regular people when they are not in space.

NASA’s 30 year Space Shuttle program ended in 2011. This means that astronauts now have a lot more free time to watch TV or go to the store.

Astronaut at Home

Astronaut at the Store

Astronaut Changes Tire


Astronaut Does Laundry

Lost Astronaut

Astronaut Plays Pool

Astronaut at Gas Station

Astronaut at the Diner

Astronaut at the Beach

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  1. Dominic

    I wanna space suit….

  2. Ninja Egg :D

    so do i….

  3. Sharyn

    …me too! But I’d like it in pink please.

  4. Elphi

    That must be so freaking heavy on earth. :<

  5. woops

    the license plate. lol.

  6. Lilia Smiles

    I love the one where there’s an astronaut at the laundromat! It’s sad how they lost their job…they might be able to find one in the same field but they may have to change since finding a job is so hard these days. I love how this shows astronauts are human too in sort of a funny way!

  7. Fillibert

    Lost their job but I think that NASA pension plan is more than most of us make busting our butts off

  8. c

    that would be the sickest halloween costume

  9. d

    does anyone think of the new doctor who series when seeing these photos

  10. Libeerian

    …because I need to be reminded that Astronauts are people too.

  11. Betty

    Create idea! There is something poignant about seeing rocket-man/woman doing everyday mundane things.

  12. Ninja Egg :D

    OH YES!!!!
    especially with the last one with the beach background. : D

  13. ccc

    Makes me think of the apocalypse…

  14. kadal

    haha, that’s remind me when i was a kid….

  15. Juliee

    This is very cool. I love the concept. I want a suit now. :P

  16. Michael Smith

    The one with the Astronaut sitting in a restaurant was used as the artwork for Bayside’s new album!

  17. USPSAGunner

    My FIRST thought was that River must have had a lot to get done before going to Utah. But then, I’m kind of a geek.

  18. Ashley Beolens

    Love tyhe juxtaposition

  19. Dom

    Playing pool alone, sitting on a park bench alone, watching tv alone? Why is this astronaut so lonely!!!

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