Anamorphic Sculptures

Anamorphic Sculptures

Creative works of art by London based artist Jonty Hurwitz can only be seen from a specific angle or with the help of a reflective cylinder.

Talented artist scans real three-dimensional objects into his computer and then uses 3D modelling software to create distorted sculptures.

Cylindrical mirror converts the reflection of the sculpture into a 3D artwork.

Jonty’s other sculptures are made out of strategically arranged individual parts that come together and form unique works of art.

Anamorphic Art

Anamorphic Artwork

Anamorphic Sculpture by Jonty Hurwitz

Sculpture by Jonty Hurwitz

Sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz

The Art of Jonty Hurwitz

Art by Jonty Hurwitz

Anamorphic by Jonty Hurwitz

Anamorphic Art by Jonty Hurwitz

Anamorphic Artwork by Jonty Hurwitz


Jonty Hurwitz

Anamorphic Sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz

Anamorphic Sculpture

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  1. Tao

    Creepy :)

  2. Betty


  3. sgh

    perfect!! love it :)

  4. NiDo

    wow so cool! what is that software that he is using?

  5. Matt

    These are really amazing. it’s a bit of a shame that software was used to create them rather than someone painstakingly sculpting them…. still awesome though

  6. Gert

    Matt, architecture and cars are also art therefore skill with using a computer isn’t really the point. He still thought of the idea and figured out how to effectively distort the image. It still required a great deal of skill.

  7. Jimbo

    Wow, now I would buy that… love the frog.

  8. Douglas

    The Fun House mirror in reverse!

  9. Libeerian

    I love it when these artists drill down into a certain crevasse of the imagination (where few of us have ever been) to create works like this. Pretty cool stuff here.

  10. woops

    These are amazing!

  11. zeynab


  12. mohit acharya

    mind blowing creativity

  13. Jonty Hurwitz

    Thanks for sharing my work :-) feel free to check out my website @;-)

  14. tere gh


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