Nikon Camera Halloween Costume

Nikon Camera Halloween Costume

Tyler Card created fully functional Nikon camera Halloween costume.

Amazing costume is equipped with real LCD screen, built-in camera flash, and working shutter release button that lets you take photos.

Camera Halloween Costume

Nikon Halloween Costume

Nikon Camera Costume

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  1. bananaman

    Wow, it’s awesome that it actually works!

  2. nicole

    Not really scary, But awesome none the less.
    puts my plans to shame…

  3. Gen


  4. Ninja Egg :D


  5. Noes

    Haha..It really looks funny. I love it.

  6. Lilia Smiles

    Wicked costume!! LOVING IT!

  7. Spooky

    No public restrooms for this guy.

  8. Swaetha

    Woahh that is so cool

  9. DJ Finn

    Shoulda been a Canon…

  10. Waleed

    Thats a nikon d5000 :p

  11. Jeshikah

    To bad it’s a Nikon.

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