Creature Cups

Creature Cups

Unique coffee and tea cups feature hidden three-dimensional creatures that slowly emerge as you drink your favorite beverage.

Designed by Yumi, handmade cups are dishwasher and microwave safe.

You can order Creature Cups through Amazon.

Creature Cup

Lobster Cup

Lobster Cup

Shark Cup

Shark Cup

Spider Cup

Spider Cup

Sea Otter Cup

Sea Otter Cup

Skull Cup

Skull Cup

Octopus Cup

Octopus Cup

Crocodile Cup

Crocodile Cup

Yumi Yumi Creature Cups

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  1. kelly Tozarin

    I want the lobster cup!

  2. Enrico Martinez

    Maybe a re-color of the creatures inside to be more realistic would be more fun. :-D

  3. kadal

    the spider one is cool, but if it has a real colors as a spider, that would be awesome.

  4. woops

    Cool concept, tough to clean

  5. E

    The Octopus reminds of “Release the Cracken” sentence.
    Also, that one would be the hardest to wash.

    Shark one is cute. I like it

  6. Dominic

    Octopus cup is mine!

  7. さえ

    shark and crocodile are cool!

  8. Gert

    Hard enough to wash.. harder to add dry creamer and sugar to your coffee.

  9. Shu-Hsuan

    i think spider might be a bit creepy

  10. Vinz Clortho

    @ Gert – exactly. oops, there goes a tentacle.

    How about the head of Obama staring up at you. Or Pelosi. Scary stuff.

  11. gunneos

    i was about to say the same thing. this only works with dark liquids (no fun if it’s water), and dark liquids stain. pretty but not the most practical.

  12. Francisco Fo

    crocodile cup!

  13. Rose

    If it stains, just add some thick bleach and leave for an hour. Clean as the day you bought it.

  14. Ken

    how to wash them?

  15. Niyari

    Guess no one here is a chain drinker, most I do is rinse the cup because I often immediately fill it back up again with the same drink. Though a good idea would be to make the critters removable so you can get the small nooks underneath. I think the main issue is that the crocodile’s nose might jut out to the point where it’d be uncomfortable to drink to the last drop.

  16. Rose

    @ Niyari

    I’d still wash the cup with washing up liquid first.

  17. Sharyn

    Coffee or tea stains might make them more interesting anyway. It’s not like they stain uniformly, so the stains would probably highlight the “shadows” and crevices.

  18. Zack

    Washing up liquid? 4 Letters. Soap.

  19. E

    If the figures are removable that is even better and appealing to wash.

    I guess the cups are meant for fun, if you wish to add cream/sugar, probably need to make the beverage on a separate cup and then pour it over the cup to enjoy.

  20. Rose

    @ Zack

    Washing up liquid is for dishes.
    Soap is for hands and bodies.

    They are not interchangeable simply because it is faster to type.

  21. Karen

    I need that shark cup

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