Geography Meets Typography

Geography Meets Typography

Beautiful typographic map designed by Dirk Schächter from Germany.

Using Helvetica Neue font, the artist carefully positioned each letter to achieve the likeness of the conventional world map.

Typographic Map

Typo Map


Cartography Meets Typography

Typography Map

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  1. Manpreet

    I absolutely love it.

  2. The Guy

    It doesnt have Singapore.

    Though I love the concept. :)

  3. Evie

    Great idea.


    russia is so obnoxiously big

  5. julian


  6. Jungle

    No Taiwan!!!

  7. Atavar

    No Isle Of Man! ;)

  8. kushtrim

    No KOSOVO?

  9. forumlogic

    Done to the Peters Projection map – great!

  10. jaqi mugo

    They should add the missing countries and islands.

    LOVE IT! Wish I had had that in my nursery school! But I’d still buy one now, better late than never.

    I saw my home country! Check East Africa, they got KENYA!!! :D :D :D <3

  11. chinesekid

    otherwise good job….

  12. chip

    woohoo thank goodness it has Malaysia

  13. Anna

    it doesn’t have “camroon” in Africa, and where is scotland?

  14. Somerandomguy

    Don’t be stupid!
    Cameroon is where it’s supposed to be and Scotland and Island of Man are part of the UK
    It’s a great job! Congrats

  15. rxk14007

    Where is Vatican?

  16. Mars

    i am trying to find Philippines

  17. 502

    Taiwan belongs china!!!

  18. lily


    This German guy lost his mind…

  19. Raghsesabz

    IRAN Is GREEN !!!

  20. Reza

    IRAN is great like its people not its goverment. Down with Dictator Khameneei.

  21. Carina

    I just checked their website – 49 euros it’s a bit expensive, don’t you think?

  22. Mapache

    @mars: You’ll find philipines if you got to the official page and look for it in the high res version.

  23. agnes

    where is singapore?

  24. ummm

    this has been done like 200 times already… just saying.

  25. Rachael

    Absolutely love it! I could see that on my office wall. :)

  26. jassi


  27. Pooya

    it seems like he has used Vladstudio idea,
    U can see the link of Vlad artwork below:

  28. VinceVega

    uhh..Antarctica? Glaring omission.

  29. bert

    where’s TAIWANNNNN

  30. Abdoulkader

    i dont see Djibouti actualy it is between Ethiopia and Somalia but I see that you have marked something like Mi anyway great idea i like it

  31. Taiwan

    Taiwan is a country.

  32. chy

    where did the whole of borneo island go to? D:

  33. masbo

    He spelled Finland with to n’s… It’s not FiNNland.

    Idea is great, though have seen it done before, but the spelling mistakes and missing countries are too big mistakes.

  34. georgia

    it is so cool

  35. Zainab Chaaban

    Thats a GREAT map right there. Very creative!!!

  36. :)



  37. Sudeep

    Now this is pretty! The colours are very refreshing.

  38. Anthony

    It’s been done before, but still good.

  39. rew

    no croatia????

  40. Motlatsi

    South Africa!!!! i LIKE i LIKE

  41. James

    What type Font is it?

  42. GFYM

    Where is Waldo ?

  43. Shirley


  44. JR

    Isn’t this the same?

  45. Annie

    Well, I would say “good concept, bad execution,” except the concept belongs to someone else.

  46. YR

    It is awesome idea (but i alsothink missing countries and wrong spellings are big mistake…)

    I’m Korean and… I felt quite weird seeing NK&SK are perated in this work
    In fact, it is right that those two countries are respectively independant but lots of people still don’t consider two as completely seperated nations.
    Even my Korean geography class covers contents about nothern Korea’s geography,industries etc..

  47. David

    Someone’s about 3 years late to the party.

  48. Angeline

    TAIWAN is a country? Don’t be foooooooolish.

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