Transparent Swimming Pool

Transparent Swimming Pool

Modern swimming pool with transparent shatter-resistant windows at both ends designed by OFTB architects.

Constructed out of acrylic glass, concrete, wood, and ceramic tiles, this beautiful transparent pool is located in Melbourne, Australia.

OFTB Swimming Pool

Pool Window



Cool Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Modern Swimming Pool

Modern Pool

Transparent Pool

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  1. joas kauuova


  2. cole

    pretty neat, but you couldn’t really go skinny dipping :/

  3. henry

    why not ?

    this is awesome

  4. koosha


  5. Joe

    This’s Awesome

  6. hamid

    love to take pic there,
    and swim for sure

  7. -_-

    my future pool

  8. Melissa

    Now you can see if the water is clean or not even from the sides too :)

  9. Mike M.


  10. Amy

    be rather awkward if you jumped in and your bikini came off…

  11. MasterOche

    Awesome in nudist colonies!!!!

  12. Rebekah

    Nekkid pool party!!!

  13. Bill

    Just think of the poor bastard who has to _clean_ all that glass…

  14. flatsolid

    Very sensual. I guess that any respectable oriental ruler would have taken enormous joy in posessing such a precious architectural jewel for his harem.

  15. Gert

    Lol.. it’s a human aquarium.

  16. tt

    i want to go to there…

  17. arman

    one of the best idea for swimming pool

  18. Jesus de la Cruz

    Do you know the acrylic glass thickness??? nice pool!!

  19. John

    Interested in a pool like that. Can you provide manufacture or information pls

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