Fake Swimming Pools

Fake Swimming Pools

Creative art installation by Leandro Erlich features what appears to be a real swimming pool with people walking beneath the surface of the water.

To make the illusion, thin layer of water (only 10 cm deep) was suspended over glass. Below the glass, there is an empty room that visitors can enter.

Fake swimming pools were installed at the PS1 Art Center in New York and the 21st Century Art Museum in Kanazawa, Japan.

Swimming Pool Illusion in New York

Leandro Erlich Pool

Leandro Erlich Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Illusion in Japan

Fake Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Illusion

Swimming Pool

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  1. Kevin

    thats crazy

  2. Josh

    That is awesome!

  3. plan9

    it can be deduced there is only thin layer of water because waves on water are fast and short.

  4. simon

    I like it man so cool

  5. Danyell

    @plan9 It can also be deduced…because you were already informed.

  6. Martik

    Whats the POINT of this? Save Water?

  7. Martin

    Looks great,

    @Martik There is a thing called “art” google it.

  8. Erin Maree

    cool :) I could imagine a restaurant being built in the room all sea themed :) Love how realistic it looks

  9. ran


  10. required

    How do you get in or out?

  11. Lilly


    In a couple of the pictures you can see a door leading into the area under the glass.

    Great post Toxel!

  12. lili

    however. . . pools that small are usually not that deep

  13. latincrow

    so awesome!!

  14. Tom

    People diving into it would get a shock :P

  15. Ben

    I like the concept and I like the comments from Danyell and Martin… and Martik ! Huhuhu !

  16. Larna

    What if somebody not knowing there’s a glass beneath and jump into water acrobatically? Ouch!

  17. Blorgh

    What if somebody not knowing there’s a glass beneath and lay down in the water and breath it into their lungs and drown? Ouch!

  18. Larna

    @ blorgh….haha..cute!

  19. Lio

    So Cool XD
    What if some idiot tried to jump in there hahaha, not knowing it was fake… Funny

  20. Sonia

    India has created it centuries before.

  21. amber

    Id sleep in the room underneath

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