Stackable Camp Bed

Stackable Camp Bed

Portable and space-saving bunk cots designed for camping let people sleep comfortably in the great outdoors.

Disc-O-Bed stackable camp beds offer both convenience and relaxation.

Use them as bunk cots, benches, or separate beds – the choice is yours.

Rounded, non-sinking frame maintains its stability even on uneven terrain, ensuring a restful night’s sleep without sinking into the earth.

Handy side organizers provide convenient storage for your essentials, be it camping gear or personal belongings.

Built tough with anti-rust steel and water-resistant fabric, stackable beds provide cozy, contouring sleep indoors or out.

Elevate your camping game, quite literally, and enjoy a night under the stars in style. Sweet dreams, happy campers!

Stackable Bunk Bed

Portable Bunk Cots


Stackable Camping Bed

Stackable Camping Beds

Portable Bunk Cot

Stackable Bunk Beds

Stackable Bunk Cots

Stackable Camp Beds

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