Street Art by OaKoAk

Street Art by OaKoAk

Wonderful street art by French artist who goes by the name of OaKoAk.

Unique artworks were inspired by video games, movies, and cartoons.

Caveman Street Art

Lightsaber Street Art


Mouse Street Art

OaKoAk Street Art

Cool Street Art

Face Street Art

Worms Street Art

Shark Street Art

Modern Street Art

Fish Street Art

French Street Art

Street Fighter Street Art

Toaster Street Art

Mario Street Art

Flower Street Art

Rhino Street Art

Angry Birds Street Art

Whale Street Art

Snowman Street Art

Street Art

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  1. miggy

    this is so great very creative its like imperfections of the street is put to good use

  2. Andre

    Love it!!

  3. Sharyn

    This is awesome! I really love Captain Caveman. I’m always amazed at what some people can see in the most ordinary scenes – I wish I was that creative.

  4. may

    Awesome!!! I have walked over cracks like this all my life and never saw art. Now I will…lol

  5. Betty

    I *love* these!

  6. Dominic

    Banksy Wannabe!

  7. Mel

    That’s amazing! He gives life to ugly things. Love it!

  8. NOOB

    @dominic, oak has been around just as long as banksy. and not all of these are oak.

  9. Jorge Cajina


  10. Mike


    I don’t consider myself to be any sort of artist but I can still see a very clear difference between Banksy and this. Just because they’re both doing some sort of graffiti doesn’t mean one is impersonating the other.

    Banksy’s stuff all tends to have some sort of politically driven message behind it, whereas this artist is presenting a sort of augmented reality like we’re seeing with some video games these days (I’m thinking of the Nintendo 3DS and PSVita).

    Imagine playing angry birds with the stuff on your desk as the barriers!

  11. David Lowe

    Like the way he combines the gray of urban with the color of creativity. I read about an AR game a while ago by a Japanese company where you use your phone to find virtual art around the city. Street artists could incorporate AR/QR codes within their art so people could find out more about them.

  12. Rudy

    Wish I could do this. Awesome!

  13. Doc

    I like this…

  14. Art of Concept

    This is awesome! REally cool art!

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