Sponsored Superheroes

Sponsored Superheroes

Italian art director Roberto Vergati Santos imagines a dark future where our favorite superheroes are sponsored by different companies.

The next level of marketing and product placement: Popular characters in comic books and movies are covered in logos of companies and brands.

Batman, Wolverine, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers team endorse products from Nike, Monster, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, McDonald’s, Adidas, Burger King, and UPS. Is this the future of superheroes?

Monster Hulk

Monster Hulk

Nike Batman

Nike Batman

Red Bull Flash

Red Bull Flash

Coca-Cola Captain America

Coca-Cola Captain America

UPS Steve Rogers

UPS Steve Rogers

Captain America’s Burger King Shield

Product Placement

Adidas Wolverine

Adidas Wolverine

McDonald’s Iron Man

McDonalds Iron Man

Sponsored Heroes

Roberto Vergati Santos

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  1. Joe

    Fail to see the difference between these and the corporate sponsorship of their respective movies. Almost seems redundant to point it out at this point.

  2. Chewie

    Why just why? My god I hope this never happens for real :L even Iron Man for MacDonald… O_O

  3. Douglas

    He did this as a joke but it’s probably around the corner -sad. Sad. Sad.

  4. Pete

    I’m with Joe on this one. At least it’s open and honest here, as opposed to subliminal in the movie (any brand of *anything* you see in the movie is a paid spot, otherwise the branding is hidden), or in your face in TV ads outside the movie.

  5. Gert

    If you think someone drinking a can of Coke in the background of a movie makes people actually go buy Coke either you are silly or the person you are thinking of is. Arguably there are a whole bunch of dumb people in the world but a Taco Bell commercial works much better on my desire for tacos than ‘subliminal’ advertising does. Human minds just don’t work that way. Sorry. Advertisers would like to think they do but all studies show blatant in your face marketing always works better.

  6. Xcallibur


  7. Pete


    Sounds like you’re in denial. We’re not talking classic subliminal advertising like flashing a word on a screen for a fraction of a second. We’re talking items on-camera for a significant portion of a scene.

    Placements have been proven to work. That’s why companies pay so much just to have their product show up in a film either in the foreground (so and so uses phone X so it must be cool) or just by putting it on screen in a way that you catch it, but don’t quite realize you did. It’s happening on TV, in movies, and also in video games.

  8. Swiper Fox

    Iron Man prefers doughnuts than burgers as Nick Fury asked Iron Man (who was eating doughnuts) to exit the giant doughnut sign (Iron Man 2).

    Iron Man shall retain the circular arc reactor on his chest, much better than the M shape.

    Captain America may prefer Pepsi (red, white, and blue) over Coke (red).

    Captain A’s Burger King shield may do the trick.

  9. JoeSnow

    That UPS one is how they make deliveries in Detroit. They need a bulletproof shield to go there.

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