Bonsai Tree Houses

Bonsai Tree Houses

Japanese artist Takanori Aiba builds tiny houses on top of small rocks and miniature trees.

Unique buildings, windmills, and lighthouses were created out of paper, plastic, acrylic resin, steel wire, recycled packaging, and stone clay.

Bonsai Tree House

Bonsai Tree

Takanori Aiba Miniature World

Takanori Aiba Sculpture

Takanori Aiba Architecture

Takanori Aiba Tiny World

Takanori Aiba Bonsai Art

Takanori Aiba

Bonsai Architecture

Bonsai Art

Takanori Aiba Bonsai

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  1. Craig


    especially the ones with more trees like the second one

  2. Niyari

    I. Love. This.

  3. Lilia Smiles

    Why can’t we have this in real life? sigh…

  4. Betty

    Poor trees.
    I like these but the growing bit has gotten lost in the shuffle.

  5. Sharyn

    Wow! They are beautiful.

  6. Brendan Mahe

    …way more exiting than today’s architecture

  7. Mon Sun

    wow these are really cool. I love the attention to detail.

  8. kadal

    becomes one with nature is always comforting

  9. ran

    super cool……speechless

  10. Nisa Zul

    i like the last one. :)

  11. Rob

    how do i get one?…. seriously, i really want one. does anyone know if i can get one of these?

  12. David

    They look awesome … I just wonder where the tree is in some of them – i.e. the marina scene and the red/white lighthouse.

  13. HSJ

    great work , very detailed too

  14. Douglas

    @Rob – go to his website and send an email. I expect they are quite expensive and there is a wait list. Get one for me while your at it, they are very cool.

  15. Dave!

    i want one of these… but to a scale of 1000:1 or so… i want to live in it!

  16. The Thinking Insomniac

    Too awesome for words!!!

  17. Chedie

    If I could have a dollhouse with this design! :D

  18. CarlosGuerra

    Someone really needs to make this in real scale

  19. poopsin woopsin

    this is so awesome, i wish that my trees in the backyard could grow like this so we could form these sorts of things

  20. nana wana

    das wicked

  21. Saadieq


  22. elle

    this is so awesome!!!

  23. mongolians

    awesome. yostoi yanztai

  24. Steven Stey

    Very good work , I have seen the bonas one o, looks like one of the Lodges, elewana at north Tanzania East Africa, a touristic one.

  25. Liberian

    The Michelin Man….REALLY???!

  26. Damien

    Awesome work! Is there any way to buy them?

  27. Junnie

    I want one! Except even smaller. I probably can’t afford any of these. :P

  28. James

    These really appeal to me! I love the fantastical whimsy of these! chaotic!!!

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