Suspended Meeting Rooms

Suspended Meeting Rooms

Modern conference rooms designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects for Nykredit headquarters building in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Unusual floating offices are suspended in the air 50 feet above ground.

Suspended Conference Room

Suspended Conference Rooms

Suspended Offices

Nykredit Headquarters Meeting Rooms

Suspended Office

Suspended Meeting Room

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  1. Bill

    As someone who doesn’t care for heights, this is just one more reason to avoid meetings whenever possible… X(

  2. Lilia Smiles

    The inside of the building looks pretty cool. I kind of like the cantilevered conference rooms. But the building itself is just a box…just wish they spiced up the shape of the building a little more.

  3. Taz

    Why does this remind me of a Portlandia episode?

  4. lalala

    omg this is so @#$%in cool

  5. huey

    haha I hope no one drops a pen and it rolls off… if so, you gotta long walk

  6. Sharyn

    Well, I guess that’s one way to keep the meetings short. It does look really great, it’s a bit of interest in a fairly sterile office – and I love that they’ve added a little atrium on top. But in one of those meeting rooms, I’d be terrified to move or look anywhere other than the table top.

  7. Gert

    Hope none of the employees is suicidal.

  8. Tim

    Somehow I would not feel safe having a meeting in one of these offices in which I had to fire someone.

  9. Libeerian

    Kinda makes me want to hang around for the next meeting…

  10. Merdistania

    Looks a little like my school, the IT University of Copenhagen

  11. CleaningLady

    Ok, so this is pretty cool, but how in the world do you dust the wood surfaces dangling out in space, two or three stories up?

  12. Stina

    Nice! Also, check out the IT University where I study. Same neighbourhood as this building, different architect, but same vibe.
    And hey, the boxes actually feel really solid once you’re in there and it’s a great space for group work.

  13. Ignacio

    How they solve the privacy issue in a meeting room? everybody outside can hear everything!

  14. Coral

    the meeting room shall be hang on a cliff, and the floor shall be transparent…so no body will fall a sleep…

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