Destroyed Paintings

Destroyed Paintings

Valerie Hegarty creates unique works of art that look like burned, smashed, cracked, warped, melted, and damaged paintings.

Talented artist makes extremely detailed replicas of famous masterpieces and then comes up with clever ways of destroying them.

Fog Warning with Barnacles

Niagara Falls Painting

Chopped Painting

Valerie Hegarty Paintings

Burned Painting

Valerie Hegarty Painting

Warped Painting

Rothko Sunset

Valerie Hegarty

Shipwrecked Painting

Melted Painting

Valerie Hegarty Destroyed Paintings

Eroded Painting

Slashed Painting

Tree Painting

George Washington Melted

Painting with Holes

Destroyed Painting

Fallen Bierstadt

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  1. O_O


  2. kadal

    hard to explain
    but most of art was hard to explain anyway

  3. Jonathan

    I was really hoping for a destroyed version of The Scream, it would’ve fit so well…

  4. woops


  5. Mukesh

    y mona lisa is missing ? :P

  6. GoW

    I think she, the artists, answer the ‘why’ in her video. Specifically mentioning that perhaps this decaying painting of a waterfall and forest scene is a more accurate representation of nature when presented as something that is decaying, something that you could imagine has been left in a forest for a few decades and just withered away. Something that appears to have had it’s fate dictated by nature and natural processes.

    I think they’re fantastic.

  7. mongolians


  8. Masteroche

    There is even beauty in tragedy

  9. Gert

    Hum, kind of useful for a movie prop but not quite what I’d hit the Met for myself.

  10. Douglas

    Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don’t think that I can take it, Cause it took so long to bake it, and I’ll never have that recipe again, oh no…..

  11. Evan

    The irony of a beautiful landscape portrait being overtaken by natural elements is somehow appealing. The “comment” of a burned or otherwise mangled Geo W. escapes me however.

  12. Richard

    I realize how art can come in many forms, however, the thought of death and decay is too pessimistic for me =/

  13. KaK


  14. Sharyn

    I love the ones that seem to be returning to nature. The destruction for destructions sake doesn’t appeal at all.

  15. Jay

    This is dumb. The only “good ones” are the paintings growing back into a tree — I get that message. Other than that, this is trash! Recycle them a make a new painting! Sheesh….

  16. Nora

    Every museum curator’s nightmare…

  17. James

    really beautiful!

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