Faces Blasted With Air

Faces Blasted With Air

Memorable photo series by Lithuanian photographer Tadas Cerniauskas features distorted faces of people in front of powerful air blowers.

“Blow Job” portraits bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees them.

Blow Job

Blow Jobs

Blow Jobs by Tadas Cerniauskas

Blow Job Photography

Strong Wind Photography

Leaf Blower Photography


Blow Job by Tadas Cerniauskas

People Blasted With Air

Wind Photography

Wind to Face

Wind in the Face

Air to Face

Tadas Cerniauskas

Strong Wind

Air in the Face

Fashion Photography

Fun Photography


Blow Jobs by Tadao Cern

Blow Jobs Photography

Tadao Cern

Blow Job by Tadao Cern

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  1. Sharyn

    That looks kind of fun! Amazing how flexible the human face is.

  2. Ivan

    Say cheese…..

  3. Douglas

    Most of them look like they took a face plant. The horror !!

  4. kadal

    my laugh won’t stop….help!!!

  5. The Thinking Insomniac

    Wow.. it’s a good thing we don’t have wind blowing like that through life.. The world would be a lot different.. LOL.. Nice tho!

  6. Fillibert

    Amazing. Needs a before pic too

  7. Robert Anthony

    Great concept, love the detail of the pictures.

    That said I do have to say some of the back teeth in some of the images (#2 and 3) look like they were affected by warping the image. It doesn’t look like #2 could close his mouth correctly if his right molars/bicuspids were that angled inward.

    And unless the air blast completely broke #6’s nose and disconnected the lateral nasal cartilage from the nasal bone, that looks a bit manipulated as well.

  8. Glitto

    LOL they all are looking hilarious but the last one is just awesome, she is looking drunk :D

  9. viewer

    brilliant :D

  10. Chedie

    Can’t stop laughing! Although some look a bit creepy. Haha!

  11. peep

    this is so creepy! lol

  12. uros

    Something strange, the clothes are composed with no wind deformation????

  13. looloo

    looks painful

  14. Enrico Martinez

    Movie Star Jacky Chan has done it in one of his films. (I forgot the title though.) They were underground within a desert searching for treasure and found an old army base(?) with a big wind tunnel engine. With some hilarious fight scenes with ON/OFF – ON/OFF wind tunnel engine.

    Well… after THE STORY, one of “escape” scenes being filmed were shown where Jacky Chan and the others were seen being face-blown by a powerful leaf-blower(?) resulting with faces seen like those above.

  15. Lilia Smiles

    ^I think I know what movie you are talking about…was it The Condor?

  16. SianaRepmad


  17. Forouq

    Excuse me..! Is this pictures reall…???

  18. tom

    man that is so funny i want a go tho

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