Moses Bridge

Moses Bridge

Creative pedestrian bridge near Fort de Roovere in the Netherlands divides the water like Moses and allows people to safely cross to the other side.

Designed by RO&AD architects, this unique trench inspired sunken bridge was constructed out of extremely durable Accoya wood.

Hidden Bridge

Sunken Bridge

Invisible Bridge

Pedestrian Bridge


Unique Bridge

Amazing Bridge

Creative Bridge


Trench Bridge

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  1. The Hooded Claw

    I like it, sometimes bridges can ruin scenery, even well designed ones. At least this blends into the contours of the surrounding riverbanks.

  2. laala

    greattt. but how if there is flood?

  3. Katie

    Amazing, but I also wonder what would happen if it was to flood? The lake (or pond, whatever it is) also looks entirely man made so I’m wondering if it was made just so they could build this bridge. It will be a million times better when they make the surrounding area more lush and beautiful… ’cause unfortunately the bridge is the only visually appealing thing here. Though it could just be the time of year?

  4. Lilia Smiles

    I agree with all of the above! At least the wood is sustainable! But I love the idea of the submerged walkway. I also had an idea similar to that with is to have a supported glass walkway that is slightly submerged in water (maybe and inch or so) and have glass sidings. It creates the illusion of walking on water, however I don’t know how well it would work outdoors. I was thinking of having something like this in a covered dim walkway with water underneath and ambient bluish lighting. :)

  5. joy

    nice place

  6. Sharyn

    It’s a moat around a fort! That makes it even cooler to me. I think it’s a wonderful idea for what I assume is a tourist destination now.

  7. Colleen

    Very beautiful bridge. I am sure many people would find this pedestrian bridge “remember-able” :)

  8. Subarulol

    wht will happen when it rains though?

  9. Joel

    Cool concept. If it’s to cross a moat, then flooding would be a great way to prevent crossing. Just raise water level a little bit in the moat and the bridge is gone. Then drain moat and pump out walkway. Of course, considering the narrowness and the number of stairs, even without flooding it, it would provide a fairly effective level of security against anything large.

  10. Darrell

    Dam bridge!

  11. bryant yee

    i was listening to the national treasure soundtrack when i first looked at this. makes it way more epic! anyway sweet idea

  12. Math

    Well, I think I have an idea about the flooding that everybody worry about!!! If the bridge float by itself, all you need is a kind of elastic fitting on each side of the bridge to make sure it follow the bridge when it get up!!! Quite simple:)

  13. Marcus

    What about disabled access? How is the water level controlled to never raise above the sides? Very neat idea though, I cant help but wonder, is there a reason its never been done before?

  14. tango

    Moats are essentially a “ring” around the fort. There is likely a spillway, or large drain, in another section of the moat. Water would “flow” from both sides of the bridge to the spillway, and out of the moat to maintain the water level.

  15. Dhaval


  16. fahimeh

    That’s really nice. but would you explain that what happen when it rains though and raises water level?

  17. Nicholas

    It’s a bless-full bridge. A Remembrance of Moses and God.

  18. A. P.

    According to the designers, virtually no water spills over the edge because the height of the water is controlled by two small adjustable ‘dams’ at both sides of the moat. The dams are set at a height to.Ad Kil and Ko RosterArchitects of the Moses Bridge ensure that when the water level rises, the water spills over and into the dams and not into the bridge. In case of a heavy rainstorm, a small pump under the bottom of the bridge evacuates the water.

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