Silhouette Photography

Silhouette Photography

Beautiful photos captured during sunset by talented photographer TJ Scott.

Los Angeles based artist tells stories through breathtaking silhouettes of cinematic scenes.


Silhouette Art

Silhouettes Photography

Cinematic Photo

Cinematic Photo by TJ Scott

Silhouettes Photography by TJ Scott

Silhouette Photography by TJ Scott

Cinematic Photos by TJ Scott

Cinematic Photos

Cinematic Photography

Photos by TJ Scott

TJ Scott

Silhouette Art by TJ Scott

Silhouette by TJ Scott

Silhouettes by TJ Scott

Photographer TJ Scott

Silhouette Photos

Cinematic Photography by TJ Scott

Photo by TJ Scott

Photography by TJ Scott

Silhouettes Art by TJ Scott

Silhouettes Art


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    I have a strange and sudden urge to buy an ipod.

  2. Paula

    These are really beautiful, thank you.

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  4. Black Lotus

    Really nice!

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