Paper Action Scenes

Paper Action Scenes

Beautiful action scenes with zombies, cowboys, and ninjas created out of paper by talented artist David A. Reeves.

Creative paper art was inspired by video games, comic books, and movies.

Hand cut silhouettes of iconic action characters were photographed with the help of strategically placed lights.

Paper Cut Silhouettes

Paper Action Silhouettes by David A Reeves

Paper Cut Action by David A Reeves

LIMBO Silhouettes

LIMBO by David A Reeves

LIMBO Paper Art

Paper Art by David A Reeves

Paper Cut Action Scenes

Paper Silhouette

Paper Action Scenes by David A Reeves

David A Reeves

Paper Cut Art by David A Reeves

Paper Cut Action


Paper Action by David A Reeves

Paper Silhouettes

Paper Silhouettes by David A Reeves

Paper Cut Action Scene

Paper Action

Paper Action Scene

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  1. LOL


  2. snufkin

    splendid waste of time :)

  3. Edward Martinez

    It maybe a waste of time…
    but not creativity or its artistic potential.
    and a bit entertaining as well.

  4. PendingWhale

    Love the layering and shadowing effects! (Limbo, cute!)

  5. NiDs

    Beautiful work! you are really talented!

  6. erwin


  7. Gen


  8. Gert

    I don’t know that I’d say he’s all THAT talented considering he traces the figures out of books.

    Copying isn’t art kids. He’s pretty talented as a lighting specialist though.

  9. Douglas

    You can’t ever kill too many zombies!! Keep up the good work.

  10. Liz

    This is amazing, oh my goodness :o
    And the Limbo ones were really cute!

  11. E

    I agree with Gert, on lighting specialist.

    I like the whole work, it IS enjoyable. And I admire the resourcefulness on using whatever he had to help creating the finished work.

  12. Saadieq


  13. Larna

    @snufkin- u just wasted ur time to comment here. buzz off!

  14. Boris

    Splendid unique creative work. It is nice, to show us also, how it is made. A lot of work needed, to design, craft and photograph such scenes.

  15. Me

    did i just see the kid from Limbo? :D
    this is beautiful

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