Frying Pan with Sword Handle

Frying Pan with Sword Handle

Creative frying pan designed by James Brown of Morlock Enterprises will prepare delicious food and protect you from your enemies.

Wear Knight Armor Hoodie or Assassin’s Creed Jacket and feel like a true warrior while you make breakfast every morning.

“Fighting Man’s Frying Pan” (FMFP) is available for pre-order.

Sword Frypan

Sword Frying Pan

Combat Kitchenware

Frypan with Sword Handle

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  1. Jay

    Yes, but why is the banana there?

  2. Dj

    WHO Put à Gun in the shot?

  3. Pavel

    And to eat a spear?

  4. woops

    Ah yes, fighting man’s frying pan endows hot oil property and has +30% chance of blinding opponent. Very useful in-game and for home-cooked meals.

  5. Dương

    Rapunzel love it

  6. Goobly

    Why the banana….. why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

  7. Betty

    I’m sorry, no self respecting sword handle pan would be non-stick. That’s just wrong. Maybe some high tech treated stainless steal or iron but “Tephlon?”
    The banana is clearly for showing scale.

  8. Joe

    I don’t think the banana is any better at showing scale than the egg that’s sitting in the pan. Why not take a picture of someone holding the handle, if that’s the case?

    No… there’s definitely something up with that banana…

  9. Dave

    Sword handle is to manly as banana is to________.
    Alright, so the banana may be the photographer’s attempt to show scale or it may be meant to evoke some subconscious imagery.
    What is the handle made of?

  10. Max

    Well, one thing is for sure: the banana’s relationship to the frying pan is much more interesting than the frying pan itself.

  11. Dustin

    My frying pans already don’t sit flat. There is no way this one with a big heavy sword handle will.

  12. Erkut

    I think banana is there due to the same reason with the gun and the others. Which weapon would you choose to protect yourself if you are in danger. Eat the banana, leave the shell on the ground. ;)

  13. adrian

    Ha ha good – but Dustin has a good point – not practical

  14. Patricio

    The banana is for scale. An inside joke of a web page imgur. The photographer is a imgurian like me :)

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